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NFTeller is currently on a mission to create the most powerful, reliable information platform for a worldwide community. We are the source for the upcoming NFT drops news site in Malaysia and around the world. Built for a new generation of investment and the future of money.

A new place to collect NFT assets

World economy has changed since the creation of NFT. The opportunity to return rightful ownership back to its original creators stems from the creation of NFTs, and this is driving a new economic model that brings prosperity for creatives across all domains and disciplines. We are working today to build that future tomorrow.

NFTeller is now one of the trending NFT art news website in Malaysia. Creating daily NFT news and events for our NFT-based audience is at the core of what we do.

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NFT News

NFTeller is a media site that leads in news and information on NFT news. Our goal is to deliver uncensored and genuine fact-based points of view to the community.


Experiencing digital art in NFT form is fresh and thrilling. In search of cryptopunk nft art in Malaysia as collectibles? We got you!


So, how to create an NFT? Where do you even begin? It is actually pretty easy. Spend as much time learning with NFTeller before continuing with your NFT adventure.

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NFTeller is a platform for NFT enthusiasts to connect together. Join our growing community now!


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