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5 Rarity Tools to Check The Value of NFTs


So you just purchased your first ever NFT, but wonder how rare it actually is? This guide tells you what we think are the best tools to check the value of your NFT. If you are feeling a little lost and don’t know what to do then fret not because we are here to help you!

NFTs importance on rarity is of the highest as actually how much profit you are able to make is on how rare you item is! So, it is important to find just how rare the NFTs are and that is what determines how much one is sold and solving the question as to why some sell for millions while others thousands? The answer to that is rarity!

What is NFT Rarity?

NFT rarity is to turn rarity into profitability and how much it is being valued at. Of course then, higher the rarity higher the collectable value which then pushes the price up. This is why people want to buy rare pieces. Often, the rarest NFTs have the rarest traits, but they also can be rare for other reasons as well.

How are NFT Rarity Calculated?

How does NFT become rare? Of course one of the reasons being is the amount, 1 of 1 are always special and of course from celebrities as well are rare as they do not always come out with their NFTs. All these reasons then contribute to the rarity. But what if the NFTs are a collection of 100s? Then the rarity comes from the traits alone!

CryptoPunks for a clear example consist of 10,000 in their collection and it is divided into 5 different types of punks like Alien that only have 9 and more. But what about the ones that have hundreds or thousands? Each of the NFT have different traits like accessories that they wear or even a mole or buck teeth. Those then become the rarity trait. Those are the things that make Punk rare! Read on then if you are curious as to how they are being compared to say that the trait is rare.

How to Check on the Rarity of NFT?

There are various ways to check the overall rarity of an NFT. It includes calculating the rare traits that it has, or comparing it to average rarity traits but this once only focus on traits as a whole and not just one single trait. Rarity Tools came up with the method of rarity score. The total rarity score for an NFT is the sum of the rarity score of all the traits that it has. Formula then is to calculate the rarity score of a trait value and is calculated in this matter. Rarity Score for a Trait Value = 1/ (Number of items with trait value) / (total number of items in collection). It calculates both single and all of its traits hence this is now the standard of calculation to find rarity on NFT. It is also used in many rarity ranking sites.

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How To Find My NFTs Rarity?

1. Rarity.Tools

Rarity Tools is one the famous ones when it comes to finding out the rare NFTs. You are able to find out the rarity in real time and also can filter the NFTs by average price, total sales volume, owner count, and more. You can also use rarity tools to find the existing top collections like BAYC and CrytpoPunks as well and even upcoming projects. The website is also very easy to use and its interface is good and using it is a piece of cake.

To view the rarity of the collection, you can go to that particular collection’s page on rarity tools. you can check by uploading your NFT ID under project section then you can lookup and see all the properties it has and the rarity score.

Of course the higher the score the more rare it is and. Example if you are to use rarity tools and see the Punk #8343 then you are able to see the rarity score of 10342.68 and if you see Punk #7804 then the rarity score is only 2329.19. hence you know the rarity of the NFT.

2. Rarity Sniper

Rarity sniper is also a famous tool to search on rarity of NFTs. It has 774 collections across Eth, Sol and more. It has a good and attractive user interface and it is very easy to see the rarity rank, score and traits.

Rarity Sniper also has 400,000 discord channels. You can use the bot commands to get rarity information of the NFT you wish to know and even the gas price and floor price is known. 

Rarity Sniper Bot is able to give you results close to instant and clearly. This is a very simple way to get your rarity score and more!

3. Traitsniper

If you are planning to find rarity on current and upcoming projects based on traits, then you can find out using Traitsniper. Traitsniper can tell you the result as fast as below 3 mins and it is quick to analyse and give you a result as soon as it’s done. There is a free version for you to try out first, and if you like it then you can go for the paid version to get real time notifications of new reveals and scores.

Unlike the other ones that we discussed Traitsniper’s  site can be a bit cluttered so it is not as easy to use as the ones we mentioned before. But once you get used to it then you are able to find out specific NFTs across the platforms.

4. Rarity Sniffer

Just like Traitsniper, you are able to find out the latest NFT drops. Website is able to provide you with the fastest and the most proven result as soon as it is out and you can find details about upcoming NFT drops. Rarity Sniffer has listed over 10,000 NFT Collections on its page.

Not only that, Rarity Sniffer also has discord servers where you can get analysis on rare NFTs and you may sometimes get access to the rarity status of new NFT before details are being put out! Server will also let you know of upcoming reveals.

5. Solana NFT “How rare is”

If you want to know rarities from Solana’s blockchain then Solana’s How Rare Is is the choice for you. The website has listed 255 Solana NFT Collections on the floor price and the number of holders and whether the NFT is for sale or not. As liken to Rarity Tools, each collection, you are able to find NFTs based on rarity. You can find the rarity rank just below the NFT and all the detailed attributes as well. in addition, You are able to find the rarity of your own asset by using the ID. If you look for details on the collection that are upcoming, it’s also available here. But these are not verified by HowRareIs so make sure research of your own is done before investing.

In conclusion, there are many tools that you are able to use to check on rarity. The only decision that you need to make is which one is best for you and whether you are comparing traits or finding the perfect one for you, these tools are an amazing thing to have and you are able to get an edge over the competition. If you want to guarantee success then you will need to learn more and make sure you know your rarities using these tools! Check out more NFT guides and news on NFTeller.

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