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How To Mint Your First NFT


Looking to market your NFT-produced work? The NFT community is open to receiving your works, whether you’re an artist, musician, or photographer. Nearly everything is allowed in NFT world because NFTs are simply digital files that have had scarcity (and hence value) added to it by the blockchain. Artwork, music, GIFs, and even gaming items are all acceptable NFTs to sell.

Here is a brief list of everything you will need to get started.

The first step after choosing what to sell is deciding where to sell it. Which blockchain, specifically, would you wish to provide Web3 for your new contribution? The majority of NFT artists use Ethereum, however there are also options like Tezos and Solana for people who are more concerned with the environment.

Choosing the best blockchain for your project involves a number of considerations. Fortunately, we’ve put together a thorough NFT guides on the most significant ones in the area. Your choice of blockchain will also influence your following step, which is picking the best NFT marketplace for your business.

Unfortunately, there will be a cost associated with setting up your NFTs on a marketplace. You must first create a cryptocurrency wallet, if you haven’t already, in order to cover your initial transaction costs. When creating an account on OpenSea, by far the biggest NFT marketplace online, there are two fees that must be paid. The initialization cost for your account is the first and ranges from $70 to $300. The next charge, which might be as low as $30, is for granting access to your account.

Still following? After you’ve resolved this, the following step is to choose how to sell your NFT. You have the option of selling a single work as a one-of-one, a limited edition, or an open set of editions.

Your NFT must be minting as the last step. This is the time at which you formally etch your work onto the blockchain so that other users can buy it. That may perhaps result in additional costs for you in the form of petrol fees. You can choose to pay your gas costs on OpenSea just once your first sale is finished. Although the setup price cannot be avoided, the potential returns are genuinely limitless.

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