The Different Types Of NFT To Know


Non-Fungible Token, often known as NFT, is one of the investment assets included in the case of cryptocurrencies. The introduction of NFT has increased the level of competition in the investment world. Recently, NFT has grown, as seen by the emergence of various applications that provide excellent potential for NFT, where these services do not only sell JPEG format photographs. NFT is a digital asset that can be used to prove ownership of things acquired with crypto money. NFT includes artwork, video clips, music, and games, among other things.

We can see that currently, there are several NFT projects in various categories. Among others:

Avatars and PFPs

When people outside the NFT world think of NFTs, they think of this format. That’s by purpose — a quick search of ‘NFTs’ on Twitter yields a slew of tweets from individuals with avatars that include Bored Apes, CryptoPunks, Cool Cats, Doodles, and all its offshoots and spin-offs.

PFP and avatar NFT owners are permitted to use these on personal social media accounts if they wanted to flex. All of that online flexing has one huge benefit for the broader NFT community: it’s practically free advertising for NFTs as a whole. Many celebrities have worn PFP NFTs on their social media platforms since the NFT boom of 2021. BLOND:ISH the artist has also shown off their PFP NFTs on Spotify.

One of One Artwork

When minting NFTs, creators have the option of dividing their art piece into various editions that have different identities on the blockchain. That is, each unique editions of the same artwork may appear aesthetically identical yet have distinct edition numbers or token IDs.

While this is fantastic for extending the availability of an artist’s work, some creators choose to mint their work as a one-of-one NFT. Going this way implies that only one individual can own the item at any given moment, which increases its worth on the open market. 

NFT art

Generative Art

As the name suggests, it is art created digitally. While the majority of works are created by AI algorithms, some works created by real robots fall into this category as well. Because to NFTs, generative art has experienced a rebirth and market boom, with efforts like Art Blocks, Autoglyphs, and Braindrops stretching the art form’s bounds. We’re even seeing projects leverage generative art to create NFT goods for writers, providing them with a strong presence in the space.

NFT Collectibles

The recent development in the sports trading card and memorabilia business is taking place online as well, as illustrated by projects like NBA, NFL, and UFC. Despite these project’s well-documented ups and downs, collectibles continue to strive as NFT projects.

NFT collectibles, like their real-world equivalents, can vary in rarity and consequently value. This makes them appealing to enthusiasts and collectors alike, who are willing to spend a lot of money to complete their collections.

NFTs in Photography

Photography NFTs are becoming increasingly popular and are expected to increase further in 2022 as more established photographers join the platform. As NFT photography keeps on developing, you can expect more creative elements being incorporated.

NFT Music

NFTs in Music

Most people are aware of the music industry’s failure to give musicians with sustainable options to make a livelihood from their work at this point. While streaming providers capture the majority of the revenue, musicians suffer. This is where musical NFTs come into play. A piece of music NFT is a tokenized version of a musical work, such as a song, album, or music video. Artists can now earn money while maintaining creative freedom by using platforms such as, Royal, and OneOf’s CO/SIGN initiative, thanks to NFTs and blockchain technology. 

NFTs that are Gamified

Players can possess in-game assets such as skins, weapons, digital accessories, characters, and virtual land in the metaverse via NFT-driven play-to-earn (P2E) games, sometimes known simply as “crypto games,” and sell these digital assets to receive money rewards. Axie Infinity, Gods Unchained, and Decentraland are among the most popular games. However, not all gamified NFT initiatives are play-to-earn games. For more NFT guides, check out our guide section.

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