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Damien Hirst NFT Holders Only Have 1 More Week To Claim Art


The NFT experiment by Damien Hirst is almost coming to an end. This means that ‘The Currency NFT’ holders must make their claim on the artwork physical copy in less than a week’s time. The official deadline for the holders to get their hands a physical piece of Damien Hirst art is 27th July 2022 at 3pm, British Summer Time. Project on art sales platform HENI is a collection of 10,000 NFTs and was the first-ever NFT from the artist.

Who Is Damien Hirst?

Currency NFT by Hirst offers a new perspective on NFTs. Each NFT artwork has its respective physical version. Additionally, these are all handmade by Damien Hirst. Hirst is well known for his iconic contemporary style and has also won a lot of awards worldwide as well and his work is highly sought after. 

In 2008, a collection by Hirst called “Beautiful Inside My Head Forever” had 218 pieces and went on auction at Sotheby’s. The sale was completed with over £111 and this had made Hirst a record holder in a single-artist auction.

In July 2021, Hirst launched the Currency NFT that was inspired by his first creation of art back in 2016 and now, a year later, NFT holders have an important decision to make.

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Damien Hirst The Currency NFT Time

So far, there are only 2,459 NFTs that were being swapped for the physical copy and this means that there are still 7,541 NFTs that are not swapped yet and this will change in the coming days and more people may end up deciding to swap.

HENI has a live map that shows how many people have swapped their NFT for the art. Those who choose to keep their NFT and not swap for the physical copy, the physical art will be destroyed.

Similarly, if they swapped for the art then the NFT will be gone but you are able to see it physically in your home. Check out more news on NFT art collection on NFTeller.

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