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Degas & Monet NFTs by x MFA


There will be a new Fine Arts NFT collection to be released in Boston from and Museum of Fine Arts (MFA). NFTs include impressionist pastels by a few great artists from the 19th century. Among them Degas and Monet. These physical paintings are rarely put up for display even and now you can have a chance to own this piece of history in the NFT form.

What does this NFT collection include?

The NFT collection will have art such as Degas, Millet and Monet. Also they will only be exhibited artworks from the 1860’s and 1910s. There will only be a total of 24 impressionist pastel paintings only but all of which includes benefits. 

What does it mean for the holder?

The MFA has agreed to allow memberships for holders of NFT collection x MFA NFT. This membership entitles holders to preview exhibitions and curator events. An invitation to view the pastel collection from behind-the-scenes which are all very rarely exhibited will also be awarded for the holders.

But there’s more rewards to behold – Whoever purchases two NFTs, there will be a third one from the same collection. Or, if you are anticipating an even better reward, it will come when you purchase 3. For these holders, they will receive an NFT of one of the two conserved Degas paintings from MFA. There will also be a secret box containing one of the three selected pastels that will be available to be purchased alongside the main sales which will be the NFTs.

LaCollection NFT Drops Watercolour ArtHow are you to be involved in the Impressionist drop?

If you would like to join then applications will open to all on June 26th. Then, the NFTs will go live to applicants on July 13th. There will also be a public sale that will start on July 14th, 2022. NFTs will be available at the starting price of 299 Euros. On the website of

Take a look at the MFA x NFT Exhibition in France

There will be a real-life exhibition to show off these fine art NFTs. The NFTs of the collection will also be displayed in Monet’s Hometown, Giverny in France. This exhibition will be opened to the public on July 29th, 2022. This is not the first event of its kind. There were already a lot of previous exhibitions like these before with with exhibiting NFTs. Catch the latest NFT digital art drop news on NFTeller.

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