Diana Sinclair NFT Phases

Diana Sinclair’s Solo NFT “Phases” On Christie’s 3.0 Auction


The top NFT inventor Diana Sinclair, who is 18 years old, opens Christie’s 3.0 this week with her first solo NFT exhibition, titled “Phases.”

On September 28, Christie’s unveiled Christie’s 3.0, an open-auction platform powered by Ethereum NFT that accepts bids from anybody. They also mentioned that Diana Sinclair’s auction will serve as the platform’s opening act. So what is the theme of the Phases collection?

See Diana Sinclair NFT Collection On Christie’s 3.0 Auction

Diana Sinclair’s “Phases” show, which includes nine excellent works of art, debuted this week at Christie’s. “Diana Sinclair is minting mind-bending NFTs that mix multimedia elements with artificial intelligence,” they claim.

It appears that Diana and Christie’s have been collaborating on this project for some time. According to Christie’s, Diana designed and produced each piece in the collection specifically for Christie’s 3.0 debut.

Phases is also said to be “exploring her place in the universe,” according to Diana Sinclair. She also adds, “It’s about acknowledging the impermanence of the self and human experience,” to her description of her work. Diana concludes by stating that her first solo display with Christie’s was a significant and constructive transition for her creativity.

Diana and Christie’s appear to be honored to be collaborating in this manner. Working with Diana was enjoyable, according to Nicole Sales Giles, Director of Digital Art Sales at Christie’s. Nicole acknowledges that “her work is enormously lovely and personal.”

Diana Sinclair NFT Influencer

About Diana Sinclair the NFT Artist

Artist, activist, and curator Diana Sinclair has received recognition on a global scale. She champions social justice in her artwork to demonstrate her activism. Diana was previously selected by Fortune as one of the top 50 NFT influencers in 2021.

Meanwhile, after she joined United Talent Agency, the Christie’s auction of the Phases became possible (UTA). Diana, who is only 18 years old, has already achieved enormous success. What will she do next? For more NFT art drops, follow our NFT calendar.

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