Tobias Rehberger NFT Art Fairytale and Conspiracies

Fairytale and Conspiracies Inspired NFT Art From Tobias Rehberger


Professor Tobias Rehberger, a sculptor and artist from Germany, has produced “hybrid NFT art.” Fairytales and Conspiracies is the title of this intriguing new anthology. Rehberger has produced five digitally animated collages totaling 3,750 digital frames using content from the stock photo agency “Action Press.”

Fairytales and Conspiracies

Tobias Rehberger, an artist, is focusing his attention on the issues of authorship, originality, and value of art with his project “Fairytales and Conspiracies.” Rehberger has chosen photographs for his artwork for this project from the collections of Action Press, a photo agency with one of the largest databases in the world. The photographs were warped and assembled by Rehberger into five moving digital collages dubbed “Liquid Posters.” There are five Liquid Posters NFTs, with 3,750 different digital frames combined.

The NFT art collection, “Fairytales and Conspiracies,” was the result of Rehberger’s collaboration with numerous collaborators. In particular, lines from Max Frisch’s book “Fragebogen” are included in the video (Questionnaire). Additionally, DJ Markus Nikolai produced the background music. The technical implementation of the smart contracts and UI was undertaken by FINPRO.

The first presentation of the five Liquid Posters will take place during a vernissage (private viewing) beginning at 6 PM at the TechQuartier in Frankfurt, Germany. The clips may be viewed on the internet and the NFTs can be bought starting at 7 PM. Rehberger has not yet provided a precise cost. However, we can anticipate an ETH sum that is in the upper triple-digit Euro range.

Benefits for Buyers

The viewers and potential customers are also involved in the creative process of “Fairytales and Conspiracies.” After someone buys a frame, a process only generates and sends the NFT to an ETH wallet. The purchaser also receives an A1 print of a chosen frame signed by the artist, which is also unique, together with a video file of the Liquid Poster from which the frame originated. These items are in addition to the digital frame, which is unique. There is global shipping.

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