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Futureverse Foundation Launched by Fluf World Along with Keanu Reeves


The Futureverse Foundation is a new foundation that was just announced from Non-Fungible Labs. Sounds familiar? Well, they are the company behind the Fluf World NFT project. Along with the announcement, it is revealed that the foundation is in partnership with popular actor Keanu Reeves and his girlfriend, Alexandra Grant. The foundation is a charity aimed to support the lesser known artists around the globe by showcasing their work and performance. This is going to be a great way to let them be known throughout the world.

What is the Futureverse Foundation from FLUF World?

The Futureverse Foundation is here to help and support the many and underrepresented artists, using this platform to show their work to the world. By doing so, the FLUF World’s Futureverse Foundation is helping to provide more accessibility to the metaverse and also act as an inclusive space for everyone.

For instance, up until the launch of Futureverse Foundation, Ghanaian writer, filmmaker, and art historian Nana Oforiatta Ayim has received a donation of 100,000 Euros and that amount is used for the support of her work on Ghana’s Pavilion at the 2022 Venice Biennale.

Futureverse Foundation will run nominations and those who win will get the grant. Futureverse Foundation will look to FLUF World Community to highlight and nominate which cause they care for the most. This initiative will continue on from what FLUF World has been trying to achieve all these while. FLUF World has already managed to raise over 2 Million Dollars for different causes since it was launched.


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There will be two advisors in the Futureverse Foundation and it is the actor Keanu Reeves as well as artist Alexandra Grant. Reeves has talked about the partnership saying that he felt honoured to be joining Non-Fungible Labs in the cooperation as well with Alexandra Grant for the program and opportunity of the Futureverse Foundation in supporting the artists and creators from all around the world.

The world of NFT has recently done a very good job in giving back in many situations over this past year and this new venture is only a more beautiful way on following this trend by FLUF World.

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