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FVCKRENDER NFTs Received $70k Investment From The Weeknd


47 FVCKRENDER NFTs have been bought by The Weeknd totalling more than $70,000. This goes to show how important it is for artists to support each other. In addition to all of that, this also opens up new ways for an artist to support and also raising each other up, creating an encouraging environment for more art as well as more sales.


The digital artist FCVKRENDER is an innovator of the cyber world. He is self-taught, growing his skills in using 3d Art software that made him who he is now. After developing these special skills, he began creating pieces of work everyday, a tradition that continued for the next five years.

You can tell from his unique style that encompasses both mechanical and human elements in a futuristic way. His approach brings emotions and sci-fi technologies together, creating his very own style of identity. He is currently based in Canada, Vancouver, British Columbia, and continues to strengthen his already very impressive portfolio by using art as self-therapy. 

FVCKRENDER has been championed by Christie’s and Sotheby’s. The most recent success is the project FVCK_CRYSTAL which had gained a total revenue of more than $36 million. Some notable clients include Ledger, Supreme, Hypebeast, The Hundreds, Swarovski, Dior, Avant Arte, Spotify, TIME and many more!

The Weeknd In Web3 World

Besides having bought FVCKRENDER NFTs, there is also a recent partnership between The Weeknd and Binance. Additionally, he released an NFT Collection called “Acephalous” on Nifty Gateway and is also part of the Board of Directors of NFT platform Autograph. Moreover, The Weeknd also invested in a Metaverse-like project and infrastructure, Everyrealm. For more NFT news, follow our community on Discord.

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