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Jury-curated NFT Photography Auction by Saatchi Art


Saatchi Art, a well known online art gallery has announced that there will be a jury-curated art exhibition and also an auction of NFT photography that will be open in August 2022. The auction includes 50 fine art photographers and this project is the second second major event boasted in the NFT space.

What is Visions of the Future? 

Visions of the Future is an art following Saatchi’s NFT collection, The Other Avatars. What we need to put emphasis on is the first NFT collection sold out in 20 mins from 154 artists and all are handmade by then and all sold out in a short period of time. Now the Gallery is on to a new batch of artists and also exploring a new theme. What this is all about is for the new batch of artists to come up with their own ideas of how it will look in the future.

Submission already began on June 20th and it will end on July 25th and all photographs are to be curated in a weeklong process. It will then preview for the auction for The Other Avatars NFT holders and only after it will hold a public auction opening early August.

Senior Manager of Digital Art and NFTs at Saatchi Art Capucine Jenkins spoke on the importance of artists in this period of changes.

She said “Artists have always been at the forefront of cultural and technological shifts” when explaining why Saatchi Art wanted to showcase the works.

To curate the selection of NFT Photography, Saatchi Art had gathered world-class creatives and leaders from Fine Arts Photography and also NFTs and together there will be selected only 50 pieces for the Auction and the Jury includes:

  • Capucine Jenkins from Digital Art and NFTs, Saatchi Art
  • Monty Preston, Curator and creative Director on The Other Avatars
  • Ryan Stanier Founder of The Other Art Fair
  • Akosua Adu-Sanyah who is an Artist and Activist
  • Colborn Bell from Museum of Crypto Art, Co-founder & Director
  • Miss Aniela a Fine Art Photographer

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Saatchi Art With Phygital Art Experience

When combining physical and digital makes ‘phygital’, it becomes a key part of the NFT art experience for collectors. What this is is that Saatchi Art will come up with 3 physical limited editions for each artworks in the auction. Bay Photo will produce and frame the prints.

Only one of the three editions in each NFT auctioned will be redeemable by the winner. Where as, the two remaining editions are available through the end of 2022. This is for those who later buy the NFT on the market.

Wayne Chang of Saatchi Art General Manager said “As one of the only online art gallery selling both physical and digital art, we are uniquely positioned to present a project like Visions of the Future” 

He also said “By integrating both physical and digital elements, we’re enriching the collecting experience for both traditional art lovers and NFT natives in a way that only Saatchi Art could achieve.”

Visions of the Future will be a wonderful showcase for some amazing NFT photos. Although this sector of the NFT is still not well known in the public but it has a very strong community and collectors.

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