Morningstar Ventures NFT Art Gallery

NFT Art Gallery by Morningstar Ventures in Dubai


The first interactive NFT art gallery from digital asset and blockchain technology investment firm Morningstar Ventures will be located in Dubai. The investment group is spending $5 million to open a gallery called “37xgallery” in the middle of the city. The art museum is scheduled to open in the first quarter of 2023 between the commercial and leisure districts of Dubai.

What are the features of 37xDubai?

37xDubai, a soon-to-open gallery, plans to serve as a hub for the local community by bringing together cutting-edge technology, Web3 education, classical art, cutting-edge digital art, and popular culture. It will go far beyond the capabilities of a traditional art gallery by blending together curated collections and interactive experiences. In particular, the gallery will host classes, parties, and other meetings on a regular basis. In addition, 37xDubai will serve as a global resource for anyone interested in digital art of all kinds, from consumers to makers.

Moreover, the featured artists gain exposure to a slew of new Web3 members through Morningstar Ventures and 37x’s large network. The gallery’s cutting-edge technology also promotes frequent changes in the displayed works and artists. Thus, keeping the gallery fresh and exciting by constantly presenting new and interesting displays.

“The design and architecture of our gallery are highly sophisticated, filled with state-of-the-art equipment, interior, sound, and lighting infrastructure. We’ve hand-picked and meticulously selected every element of the space to ensure that the 37xDubai gallery and its exhibitions are presented in an unforgettable fashion to every one of our visitors,” said Clemence Cazeau, the CEO of 37xDubai. 

How Did the Gallery Come to Be? 

Danilo S. Carlucci and Arut Nazaryan, who founded Morningstar Ventures, formed 37xDubai in early 2021 with the help of Clemence Cazeau. Cazeau’s background in the gallery world, along with the co-expertise founder’s in Web3, makes for a formidable team for an NFT art gallery.

More than that, the 37xDubai group is nearing the end of the development phase, and they’ve already attracted the attention of numerous potential business partners. This encompasses the high-end retail, apparel, and lifestyle industries. In addition, the NFT art gallery will launch in early March 2023, just in time for Art Dubai. In January, more information will be released in preparation for the opening.

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