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NFT Display Frames by NETGEAR x SuperRare


A unique partnership has been established between NETGEAR and SuperRare. The innovative company that pioneers advanced technologies like networking for homes, businesses and also providers worldwide will now be entering Web3 Space as well. Together, they will be designing & developing a license and as well as royalty models for the digital displays of NFTs.

A New Digital Art Model To Be Displayed

The partnership between NETGEAR and SuperRare DAO marks a huge impact for the digital art world. This is the entry point of NETGEAR into the Web3 space ever since their acquisition of $RARE tokens and involvement in DAO. A new display for digital art is in the making. What’s more is through this new working model, they aim to focus on decentralising curation, empowering artists, creating the community and much more.

Poppy Simpson, senior product & content manager for NETGEAR product line has pointed out that the scarcity of NFT art and collectibles has introduced new creative empowerment in digital artists with the help of NFT and blockchain technology in this digital economy. She further added, “NETGEAR supports this exciting development and is committed to working alongside creators, collectors and enthusiasts to forge a licensing model that reflects their interests.”

How Will The NETGEAR Licensing Model Work?

As of now, the licensing model supports curated collection by SuperRare on the Platform of NETGEAR’s Meural. Meural is a platform that contains WiFi connected digital canvases, smartphone apps, a web portal and a vast art library. They have created new ways to interact and also enjoy the art and photos.

This way, creators are sure to get the credit and profits they deserve. Being part of the innovative product of NETGEAR, the Meural canvas offers an experience that is unique and realistic. With the opportunity to view over 30,000 licensed artworks, you can inspect them using gestures, computers, smartphones and also Amazon Alexa. 

This is an amazing thing that you can display NFT Collections and allow people to show their favourite pictures. 

John Crain, SuperRare co-founder and CEO commented “We’re thrilled for NETGEAR to join the SuperRare DAO. We believe that their expertise in building display technologies, licensing content, and streaming art will help us push forward as we continue to build an open and equitable future for digital art.”

Meural Netgear x SuperRare NFT News NFTeller

NETGEAR Meural SuperRare Pop-up Event

From August 28 onwards, you will be able to catch Meural in New York’s pop-up gallery hosted by SuperRare. The event will bring together the NFT and feature a rotation of 5 NFT exhibitions. NETGEAR’s meural will display 100 SuperRare artworks as they work on the licensing model. 

Forbes has estimated the NFT industry to be worth over $230 billion by 2031. With NFTs rapidly becoming a big part of the art world, new licensing model for digital age needs to be introduced. For more NFT news, follow NFTeller community.

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