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NFT Photography Auction by Fellowship With Gregory Crewdson & More


You may know Fellowship is an NFT marketplace for photography who had just launched a new series of photographs for auction. Just yesterday on the 2nd of August, three artworks were revealed from Gregory Crewdson, an American photographer. This weekly series auction will also feature the photographers Guy Bourdin, Pieter Hugo and also Lurie Simmons and many more.

Where Can You Find Gregory Crewdson’s NFT Photos?

Beginning this month, fans of Crewdson’s photography can collect his artwork as NFTs through Fellowship. Up for auction will be three of his iconic photographs via an immersive virtual exhibition. Just as an extra information, The artworks available are Untitled, from the “Dream House” series from 2002, Women in Bathroom, from the “Cathedral of the Pines” series from 2013 as well as Redemption Center from the “An Eclipse of Moths” series from 2019.

You will find Crewdson’s signature style in each photograph that has inspirations of small American towns. As matter of fact, “Untitled” features the Oscar-Winning actress Tilda Swinton. There is a sense of familiarity as well as a dramatic element that depicts various facets of the American life. 

What Other Artists Does Fellowship Feature?

You will only be able to catch Gregory Crewdson’s artworks in the first week. After that, it will be a different photographer. Fellowship is featuring new artists every week to auction their NFT photography. The upcoming photographers will be Guy Bourdin, Pieter Hugo, Hank Willis Thomas as well as Joel Sternfeld. The list also includes others like Mitch Epstein, Laurie Simmons and Katy Grannan.

The vision of Fellowship with this concept is to ultimately make these photographers feel empowered in the Web3 era. Founders aim to promote as many talented artists as possible by letting the artist take stage by rotation every week.

Fellowship has already supported Amy Woodward, Summer Wagner and Todd Hido on releasing their artworks on the Blockchain.

Fellowship NFT Photography Collection NFTellerWhat is Fellowship?

Fellowship positions itself in Web3 as a platform for NFT photography. Through this, the platform hopes that photographs can be traded, auctioned, and collected seamlessly in the form of NFTs. The team has developed an exhibition with a rotation schedule to feature top artists among NFT collectors weekly.

Nevertheless, Fellowship also hosts a permanent NFT collection for photography enthusiasts. The platform promotes high-quality artworks like Gregory’s in a modern, environmentally-friendly way.

The project founders say “We believe the digital art market is just getting started. We looked around and didn’t see a space that showed up for artists, so we built it. Fellowship is creating new opportunities and best practices for photographers at every stage in their career to create, exhibit and reach new audiences via virtual realm,”

If you too are a photographer, you should join in on NFT photography as well! Follow NFTeller for more NFT news.

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