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Street Artist Icon Szabotage Launches New NFT Collection


There is a new NFT collection coming to Quidd and it is from the famous, iconic street artist Szabotage! Quidd is Animoca Brands NFT Marketplace. The artist is going to drop the new collection title name “Stencil Tongue” carrying the style of the artist and putting it in the Metaverse and the collectibles will drop on 27th July through Quidd.

About the New NFT by Szabotage

Szabotage, popularly known for his contemporary street art style, has returned to the NFT space. The artist will drop the collection “ Stencil Tongue” this month and Quidd, Animoca Brands will be hosting with the minting process. 

Each NFT, the digital asset, features the unique styles of Szabotage. The artist is renowned to have hidden messages and meaning in his art and Stencil Tongue will be no different. 

The first two sets of NFT minters, for instance, can use Szabotage’s stencils to create their own stories, piecing together creating a meaning this innovation brings meaning to each being created.

Additionally, Stencil Tongue will also include an ultra-limited print series collectible. These NFTs are customised by the artist himself, by Szabotage.

Stencil Tongue collection is a journey inside the beliefs, ideas and imagination as well of the artist and collectors will gain access to the NFT starting July 27th on Quidd.

Why Quidd?

Quidd is one of the leading NFT Marketplaces at the moment and coming from giant Animoca Brands means that level of success is and status is there. It was launched back in 2016 and has been growing ever since then.

Over the years of its establishment Quidd had also worked with big names like HBO or Disney and more for unique drops of NFT. As of right at the time of writing, Quidd boasts over 300 projects 

Together with Szabotage, the goal is for a new style of art inside the digital world having street art in NFT and making it available as well to the NFT world to be able to collect it.

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Who is Szabotage?

Szabotage is one of the top artists today and even in this era and he was always fascinated to spray painting hence him now as a street artist, and a good one. His signature represents a Koi fish which means strength and fortune and these are his values.

Szabotage’s technique is very special, utilising layering stencils to create clever and unique artworks. From double meanings to satire and culture and many other areas that are unique to him. 

The Hong Kong based artist is so good at what he does he gained popularity and has worked with Prada, Louis Vuitton and also Ritz Carlton. Some of his previous works have been sold for very high prices and are said to be over $10K per piece.

When Stencil Tongue drops, Szabotage will be the first Hong Kong artist to mint NFTs. Find out more upcoming NFT mints on NFTeller.

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