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World of Women NFT Partners With Hasbro & WS Game To Launch Monopoly


A partnership has been announced between game companies Hasbro & WS Game with World of Women (WoW) NFT collection for their own version of Monopoly board game. Hasbro is a well-known company in the global market and WS Gaming Company is a well known board game company that manufactures premium board games. NFT is truly making its way into every part of our lives, as this partnership is also the first that we heard of within the board game x NFT industry. Continue to read about the WoW Monopoly game below:

What is this game all about?

This new Monopoly game will be available to World of Women and World of Women Galaxy holders exclusively. Yam Karkai, co-founder and artist of WoW, has said that being in the partnership with these two companies is an incredible opportunity for their collective and community. Also they said that they are truly excited as the business starts to grow and they are thrilled that they get to be in a business like Monopoly to create this World of Women Galaxy.

Initially, World of Women will only be an NFT for all the holders that the holders then can redeem as an esset of their own and then they will get to have a physical board game that will be distributed by WS Game Company. 

Kerry Addis, the co-owner and VP of product development of WS Game company said, “Joining forces with another female-led business on an initiative in a historically male-dominated industry is a great opportunity to ensure equal representation across multiple industries.”

What does this mean for NFTs?

World of Women’s latest partnership is the first for the NFT industry. Some of the bigger brands have already entered into the NFT World including Sports and entertainment or even fashion and many more.

Now, WS Game who is also the one who licensed Hasbro which is the manufacturer of Monopoly, Scrabble and more a like of our childhood games are also coming into the NFT world. So now the NFT world is a big thing for the industry as the whole.

“The partnership not only marks the growth of NFTs in consumer products but opens up endless new digital-first possibilities for the board game industry as well.”, said Addis.

Who is World of Women?

world of women nft collectibles news update NFTeller

World of Women is a blue chip NFT collection that has 10,000 diverse female characters or avatars. And this is launched in July of 2021. Since the launch of the game, the NFT has already grown into a brand and along with its own community that advocates, represents, includes and has equal opportunities for everyone. This year 2022 the project has launched the second collection and this is the World of Women Galaxy that now has 22,222 futuristic women.

Moreover, Madonna’s ex-manager, Guy Oseary, is the one who now represents the project. Almost a year in and the project has already gotten some iconic partnerships that includes The Fabricant, Jazwared, The Sanbox and Billboard. The project also has names to boast as the collectors such as Reese Witherspoon, Shonda Rhimes, Pranksy and Eva Longaria. To read more NFT art collectibles news update, visit NFTeller news section.

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