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Drama Unfolds Between Comedian Kmoney and Goblintown!


NFT NYC this week has been the most exciting week and it is worth the celebration! But when there are things to be hyped about there are also things that are unfortunate. Things will definitely take place whether it is a good or bad thing and recently something came out that is truly quite unfortunate. That is the case between Comedian Content Creator Kmoney and Goblintown. 

How Did It All Start?

It all started from a tweet when Kmoney said something about Goblintown and what these tweets are about is when Kmoney expressed anger on how Goblintown handled his performance slot at the NFT NYC party.

What is it all about is Kmoney have accused Goblintown of cancelling his performance slot without telling him about it. Of course this did not resonate when with the content creator even if it is for us we too would not resonate well, therefore he, Kmoney have gone and burst everything on tweets. The tweets received very mixed emotions though. 

On one side, there are quite an amount of people that sided with Kmoney but on the other side, many criticised how Kmoney have dealt with the situation. Why they criticise Kmoney is that people felt like Kmoney is revealing some information on the event that may not be needed to show the public on his tweets. 

Truth Labs, which is the company behind Goblintown, also addressed this issue on its own tweet thread.

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Truth Labs have explained that it was because of a delay caused by the pandemonium outside that is going on that they had to continue on with the second part and because of that time constraints that Kmoney’s performance was cancelled unfortunately. Truth Labs also condemned the action of Kmoney as to how he had handled the situation and how he treated the staff and crew.

This morning the drama had turned into a darker situation as Kmoney had encountered two death threats since his rant on tweets. He also claimed that someone had leaked his hotel address in New York.

With all that has happened it is very unfortunate. From the start, people took notice of Kmoney’s tweets and made it their own personal issue and took it in their own hands. All these are very unfortunate. It is very hard to say that all these happened as a reasonable outcome. But we just need to continue to hold on to hope that these type of incidents won’t happen in the future throughout the NFT world.

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