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Nelson Mandela Foundation To Launch NFTs


The Nelson Mandela Foundation is planning on launching a special collection of NFTs. They are working closely with Glorious Digital, an Auckland-based company and the project is to honour Nelson Mandela of his life and legacy as well of the former South African president. There is yet to have a release date but this project has been long ongoing to showcase the impact Nelson Mandela had left in this world. The proceedings of this project will be put towards the growth of the Nelson Mandela Foundation in reaching more audience.

Who is Nelson Mandela?

Nelson Mandela, a former South Africa president and an icon of democracy and also a Nobel Prize Winner has led a challenging life, having to live through the times of brutal white racist horrific system known as Apartheid in South Africa. 

He tried to stop the Apartheid but was then sentences to 27 years in prison between 1962 to 1990 on Robben Island. This is what the NFT will be focusing on and that is the aspects of his life. 

1990, under rising worldwide unrest on the issue as well as the threat from the masses, Apartheid started to crumble under pressur and Nelson Mandela and other civil rights activists found themselves free.

In 1994 then Madiba ran for president in South Africa and that was the first fair and free general election because previously it was only the rights of the whites. He won the election and four years after the Apartheid ended, South Africa had their first black president. 

Nelson Mandela’s Life & Legacy Honoured Through NFTs

The team behind the project chose 18th of July because that day held an importance even throughout the world as that day marks the birthday of Nelson Mandela. The United Nations had officially crowned this day in 2009

It is unfortunate that Nelson Mandela had passed away in 2013 but still his influence on South Africa and the world as well continues to live on. These NFTs to launch will depict the history of Nelson Mandela his influence on the society.

nelson mandela day nft collectibles nftellerNelson Mandela NFTs With History

Because they are in partnership with Nelson Mandela foundation, Glorious Digital will have official papers, photographs and more and this project will last ten years and this is all in honour of the legacy of Nelson Mandela.

Tim Harper, Glorious Digital’s Chief Executive said “To be entrusted with Mandela’s archive, legacy and messages of togetherness, optimism, leadership, equality, freedom and hope amongst others, is an honour and a privilege.”

About Glorious Digital

Glorious digital is a very popular NFT marketplace for NFT projects. Just recently, they also worked with All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club on the celebration of 100 years of Wimbledon. After establishing a presence in the NFT industry, they are now working with the Mandela Foundation on the NFT collection. Read more NFT collectibles news on NFTeller.

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