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New NFT “Undw3” Launch From Lacoste Giving Holders Co-Design Rights


Lacoste, the famous French clothing company, just launched their first ever NFT project deemed the “Undw3” pronounced as “Underwater.” The NFT photo collection is made up of a crocodile which is directly linked to the brand’s logo, the well known crocodile symbol to web3. 

What is the Undw3 NFT Collection?

The NFT Collection is a mere reflection of the well known shirt from Lacoste called the L1212 because the NFT collection will be limited to only 11, 212 pieces. Catherine Spindler, chief brand officer for Lacoste said on the company’s web3 suggesting that that UNDW3 is here to show support to the phenomenon of decentralisation that is what web3 is all about and they at Lacoste want to be the witness as they as well pursue for similar goals as well as the power of Lacoste that is the hopes to bring communities together and connecting cultures revolving around the crocodile. Spindler also mentioned that the NFT is sign for all throughout the world, calling to them and proposes a co-creative, experiential and interactive world of Lacoste. 

lacoste nft fashion news update

Lacoste and Web3

Lacoste aims to connect the real world and the digital world in terms of retails and how they do it is with the release of the NFT collection. The brand has also commented on twitter that anyone who hold the NFT can have a say on the future of the brand. So it is not only owning a super cool NFT but also have benefits both in the physical world as well as the digital world of Lacoste. 

Since the launch of the NFT on 14th June, all NFT is already sold out and also Lacoste already have 8,577 members on the DAO so this launch of Lacoste’s NFT is truly a success and we can assume and say that UNDW3 is only the beginning of things and more is to come!


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