Cryptopunk Ape NFT

Rare Ape CryptoPunk NFT Sold For 3,300 ETH


A rare Ape CryptoPunks NFT sold for a staggering 3,300 ETH ($4.28 million) over night. The Ape now has the fourth-highest Punks sale overall and the second-highest sale in 2022 thanks to the sale. It is intriguing to watch how CryptoPunks can continue to achieve enormous record-breaking sales in the midst of what many consider to be an NFT bear market.

Near $4.5 Million Spent On The Rare CryptoPunks Ape #2924

In the 10,000 Punks collection, apes are exceedingly uncommon. There are just 24 in all, and many of these have been locked away by collectors and holders. It’s interesting that just 333 Punks in total have just one item, while Ape #2924 has just one trait.

Only 259 Punks wear this gear, which is a hoodie. An incredibly unusual and distinctive-looking CryptoPunks NFT is created when the Ape and Hoodie are combined.

The 3,300 ETH sale demonstrates that there is still a tonne of interest in the CryptoPunks project. The collection must continue to thrive because it is the largest and most well-known NFT initiative.

Ape #2924 NFT

Who Was Ape #2924 Sold To?

When you think of who would own CryptoPunks, DANNYSECURE comes to mind as he has at least 20 in their OpenSea wallet, as well as being the previous owner of the rare Ape. They possess some of the rarest Punk NFTs, including #8348, the rarest CryptoPunks NFT known to exist, according to several ranking platforms.

No one knows who the new owner is yet, the recent deal was carefully thought out. Before yesterday, when a sizable quantity of ETH was deposited to the account, the accompanying wallet had been idle for more than 1947 days.

With that money, the rare CryptoPunks Ape NFT was bought over. No other NFTs have been bought with this account as of then. The new CryptoPunks NFT‘s owner will continue to be a mystery for the time being.

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