Gods Unchained eSports Tournament

$70k Prize Esports Tournament by Gods Unchained


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How Did Gods Unchained Host Their Tournament?

The second event, “Battle Of The Light,” was one of two that Gods Unchained hosted back-to-back. On September 30, the “Lights Verdict: Showdown” competition was held. It included competitive trading card battles amongst leading content producers.

The second event, which spanned two time zones, involved the whole GU community. The competitions took place on October 8 and 9. In addition, the two regional tournaments took place at different times in the Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East, and Commonwealth time zones (CIS). Both events were live streamed on Twitch by Gods Unchained’s official accounts.

Gods Unchained CEO James Fletcher added, “We are taking that first step towards our long-standing pledge to the GU community with Gods Unchained Light’s Verdict: Showdown and Battle for the Light. We can now offer players international esports-style events for the first time. Players utilized their most recent “Light’s Verdict” expansion pack in both events!

Who Won The Esports Tournament?

Prominent deities The Battle For The Light esports competition has Unchained streamers like @HpainGU, @meltysquid, @VThoes, and @sifu gu as the champions in the end. All of the victors shared the prize money, which included $29,000 worth of card packs, 30,000 $GODS, and 10,000 USDC.

GodsUnchained NFT Game

More About Gods Unchained

Top-tier NFT/web3 trading card game Gods Unchained runs on Immutable X, an Ethereum layer 2 blockchain. The game offers players a terrific gaming experience by fusing the excitement of physical trading packs with the simplicity of digital items. Players can also acquire, exchange, and sell various trading card NFTs in God’s Unchained. Additionally, gamers can participate in online multiplayer battles and tournaments to compete and win extra money. Catch the latest NFT drops by following our NFT Calendar.

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