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An Event Hosted By Moon Marbles To Help Scammed Victims


The scams in the world of NFT continue to go on and seem to go on without an end. Unfortunately the latest scam involved BODL NFT founder Neil. Moon Marble, soon after the incident being known to the public, announced an event to help Neil recover some of the ETH that he had lost and we are going to shed some light as to what is actually going on!

What actually happened?

Friday, 24th June, Neil took to twitter to share how they were scammed out of their NFTs. What actually happened was Neil was trying to see the Doctor, an ENT Specialist and suddenly a random link was sent from a random mutant ape on twitter to mint and he clicked into the link without much thought because he was distracted with other ongoing things. The link was claimed to be a link to a pre-mint pass to mint.

Unfortunately he believed the link to be true and clicked into it. Neil copied the link so that he can put the link to the MetaMask app and start to mint. When it didn’t work he then sent it to someone and to try to mint on his end but still it could not work. Neil then felt that something was wrong and they both were scammed due to lack of due diligence.

Neil said also that they had lost a sum including the NFT and wolf game pouches that were worth about $700,000 and nearly 20 ETH.

moon marbles event news on nfteller

How did Moon Marbles help?

Soon after they had shared their ordeal Moon Marbles, an ETH chain game came to help them out.

Moon Marbles tweeted on the matter and said that they had been scammed and Moon Marbles will be hosting an event, a multi-race tournament and the proceeds on 75% will go to Neil and the other 25% will go to the top 3 winners. 

The event was put out on 6 PDT on 25th June. To enter the event, users had to pay 0.03 ETH as an entry fee. What was told is that Moon Marbles, after the event, had sent over 0.30 ETH to the hack victim.

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