Decentral Games and CoinGecko

Decentral Games x CoinGecko Launch Ice Poker DCL Wearable


There will be a drop party for the limited edition ICE Poker skin NFT that Decentral Games and Coingecko have just released. Players can enjoy ICE Poker and free Sit & Go tournaments thanks to the special skins. The popular CoinGecko skin is available in the Decentraland virtual world as well. Below is information on the special drop, so keep reading!

About The Decentral Games x CoinGecko Skin

CoinGecko’s Candy Reward Store loyalty programme distributed 10,000 ICE Poker skin NFTs on December 7th. Players can redeem their Candy (loyalty points) for a variety of rewards by logging into the programme on a daily basis. All of the skins in this collection were gone in a couple of hours, attesting to its enormous popularity. Once again in the 10,000 series of ICE Poker skins, Decentral games released them on the 12th of December. In addition, CoinGecko will be airdropping all ICE Poker skins to players. Airdrop occurs on Friday, December 16th.

“It’s been amazing to see the unprecedented interest in the exclusive CoinGecko x ICE Poker Tournament wearable airdrop — all 10,000 were claimed in less than 24 hours! I’m looking forward to seeing Geckos at the ICE Poker tables and welcoming the CoinGecko community into Decentral Games and the metaverse.” said Miles Anthony, CEO of Decentral Games.

How To Attend The Decentraland Metaverse Party

Furthermore, CoinGecko and Decentraland will be throwing a massive celebration in the Decentraland metaverse to commemorate this momentous occasion. On Wednesday, December 21 at 9 p.m. EST, the celebration will begin. Tominioya, a venue in Decentraland, is accessible to avatars wearing the CoinGecko skin. Attendees will be able to mingle with other CoinGecko users from all over the world while taking in live music and checking out the latest skins. Players can find more information about the metaverse bash on the Decentral website’s official event calendar. For more NFT news, follow NFTeller.

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