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Elon Musk Inspired NFT Game: Mutant Musk NFT


If NFTs, space battles, and shooter games are what you’re interested in, then Mutant Musks NFT project was made for you. It is inspired by Elon Musk’s mission to colonise Mars. This is a collection that opens its doors to a unique NFT-powered game experience.

The NFT collection is set to make its debut on July 30th at 19:00 UTC. With its arrival coming close, let’s find out more about it.

What are Mutant Musks?

There are 10,000 pieces in this collection on Ethereum, all with inspiration from Elon Musk’s ultimate goal of travelling to Mars. As a matter of fact, the storyline begins with Elon Musk going on a space mission to Mars and things go unexpectedly and when Musk leaves traces of his DNA on Mars. Soon after there is a new race of Mutants that was born. This includes genes of Musk. 

Now, this begs the question, are these mutants on Elon’s side or against him? That is for you to decide.

Each of the Mutant Musks can use their avatars as a character in the project’s Intergalactic Competitive Shooter Game. Therefore, the unique PFP avatars have great design and Metaverse utility. More importantly, they can be minted at the price of 0.1 ETH per piece with a maximum mint amount of 2 NFTs.

While you count your savings, let’s find out about The Intergalactic Competitive Shooter Game.

How Does The Intergalactic Shooter Game Work?

This innovative game features a virtual outer-worldly journeys for players. There, the Mutant Musks characters will investigate the human colonies that were built on Mars. The realistic 3D design created an immersive experience with actions that not only includes shooting, but also discovering and collecting in-game items.

What’s surprising is that the blockchain game comes from a team of professional developers and also the game is built on Unreal engine 5 which means the graphics are one of the top. 

What’s more this is just part of the Mutant Musks ambitious roadmap.

Mutant Musks NFT Project News NFTeller

What’s Coming Up Next

After minting on 30th July, the team behind Mutant Musks will launch a VR Metaverse demo and by October, we can expect official merch and giveaways to NFT holders.

The last quarter of the year will come with a mint pass for the future Mutant Musks collection. Also, community members will be able to attend exclusive virtual events. 

Finally, the shooter intergalactic game is expected to launch in 2023 and the release will also bring the project token and other exciting features.

What’s more exciting is the project founders are already working on all of the above. In fact, you can already check out stages of the game on the project’s Twitter.

Overall, we see Mutant Musks as a long-term utility in the Metaverse. Meanwhile, you can follow their verified account on Twitter for exclusive updates and join the 80k+ members of their Discord server. For more upcoming NFT project news, follow NFTeller.

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