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Everything To Know About Farmers World


There is a new NFT game in the WAX blockchain that you can play. It is called Farmer World. It is one of the fastest growing games with reportedly 150,000 active players users. To start the game then of course you will need a WAX wallet and then you can start farming. It is a rather straightforward game. You are able to work as a farmer to reap the benefits, to enjoy the process, to exploit resources as well as buy lands to build farmhouses for yourself. It is a very enjoyable Play-to-earn NFT game. There are also other play-to-earn NFT games that you can check out.

What is Farmers World?

Farmers World is to Play-to-earn game and is one of the biggest games in NFT game world and through the statistics from DappRadar, the game is 3rd most popular game just behind Splinterlands and Alien World. Also, just to add on, Farmers World is one time ahead of the Largest game in NFT world, Axie Infinity.

The game constantly updates and has an incredible active community behind it with over $9 million worth of translation as well as active users of 150,000.

Why is Farmers world so famous and well known? It is because of how much you can do in the game. You are able to grow whatever  you like and even to the point of mining or breeding even, you are able to do all that in the game and also choose the various tools as a farmer on what you will use. Hence, the popularity of the game.

How to Play the Game?

The game is very simple, and with just the connection of the WAX wallet with your game, you can already start playing and farming. Of course, as farmers you will need tools in order to get the job done and you can get your tools in two methods. First you can of course buy it in the marketplace, AtomicHub, the WAX NFT marketplace. Secondly of course you can DIY and use the craft feature in the game to make your own tools and start the farming.

The tools are going to determine your role of course as what you use is what is needed for the job. If you want to breed or raise chickens whatnot, you of course will need to build a shelter for them. If you so happen to want to mine then of course you will need the axe, chainsaw and more. 

As a farmer of course there will be specific resources that are offered to you. The easier way of course then is to use the resources that if offered to you and you can start to mine and use that building and through mining, you are able to get NFTs and gold by mining. If you want to create your tools then you can also use the resources that you have mined and turn it into tools for yourself.

Primary resources in Farmers World consist of Wood, Food and Gold. They also have corresponding tokens to gain like FWW for Wood, FWF for Food and FWG for Gold. You can then sell these tokens through a decentralised marketplace like Alcor.

farmers world play to earn nft game nfteller

What is Coming Next?

Farmers World continues to still take the spot of the best P2E in the gaming community with 107,000 people playing in the last 24 hours. But unfortunately nothing is perfect and players have raised issues regarding the updates and communication lack since May. Also, the price of the resources has also plummeted and the community is attempting to burn large quantities daily. These issues can be a result of poor communication in Social Media. Moreover, just until February, the game team produces the monthly reports but that has stopped and is almost five months and nothing has yet to change. Finally, the Farmers World P2E game will have to come up with updates for the players and also address the development plan for the price drop and much more to be updated.

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