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Limit Break Blockchain Gaming Business Buys Super Bowl Ad


The blockchain gaming business Limit Break, led by Gabe Leydon, has purchased an advertisement for the Super Bowl to promote its NFT game. The half minute ad slot reportedly cost a staggering $6.5 million, according to media sources. The business will use the advertisement to promote its game, DigiDaigaku. So let’s examine Limit Break’s most recent announcement in more detail.

About Limit Break’s Super Bowl Ad

Limit Break will use the television spot to promote their NFT game during Super Bowl LVII in February 2023. Tens of millions of people will watch it online, and it is estimated that about 50 million people will watch it live.

We thought about running this advertisement for months before deciding that we would only do it if we could offer a fun web3 experience that supports the DigiDaigaku. Tweeted Leydon. “A Superbowl ad is the most effective video ad you can buy in the world,” I can certainly state after personally overseeing billions of dollars in marketing purchases (this will be my third one).

In reality, Leydon has already purchased Super Bowl advertisements. He published a few Super Bowl commercials for Game of War: Fire Age and Mobile Strike while serving as the CEO of Machine Zone, the industry leader in mobile gaming.

What To Look Forward To

Leydon claims that the Limit Break Super Bowl commercial will feature a fresh “Web3 experience.” However, the team hasn’t provided any other information. He went on to say that s “fun and entertaining” ad approach will be used in order to appeal to the millions of people who are unfamiliar with NFTs.

Coinbase ran a Super Bowl advertisement earlier this year. It unfortunately turned out to be a letdown. It will be interesting to see how Limit Break’s advertisement compares. To catch the latest NFT drops, stay tuned to our NFT calendar.

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