Might Action Heroes NFT Game

Mighty Bear Games Partners with Gaming Guilds for Mighty Action Heroes


The release of Mighty Action Heroes is being supported by a coalition of five of the world’s best gaming guilds, all created by Mighty Bear Games. The Early Access period runs from December 16 through December 18, at midnight UTC each day. Five teams, including web3 esports group BlackPool and Guilds Avacado, IndiGG, Ready Player DAO, and Valluna, are set to compete.

What is Mighty Action Heroes?

Battle Royale meets third-person action in Mighty Action Heroes. Building a sense of belonging among players increases their experience of the game as a whole. The CEO and co-founder of Mighty Bear, Simon Davis, has remarked, “Our approach to web3 and gaming, in general, will always remain games-first and fun-focused.”

What are the Benefits for Mighty Bear Games Partners?

In a big step toward encouraging a thriving environment for Mighty Action Heroes, Mighty Bear has partnered with the 5 Gaming Guilds. In actuality, 100 Big Bear Syndicate NFTs have been released to each Guild by Mighty Bear to be redistributed amongst their respective members. These NFTs grant holders advantages within the game itself. The unique benefits offered by NFT Gaming are generating excitement for Mighty Action Heroes.

When Can You Play Mighty Action Heroes?

There will be a wide release in 2023. The introduction of Mighty Action Heroes by Mighty Bear Games with the support of the 5 Gaming Guilds is encouraging. The team has received positive feedback in the coming launch, which strengthens the product. We anticipate the Early Access to be nothing short of a delightful experience for both the community and the players. Read more NFT news on NFTeller.

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