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Nyan Heroes’ Genesis Guardian NFT To Be Airdropped This October


The launch date for the Genesis Guardian NFT airdrop has been revealed by Nyan Heroes, which right now on Solana blockchain is the latest NFT shooter game, battle royale style. The new hero mech will be given away as a free NFT via airdrop on October 7th to owners of the original Genesis Nyan NFT from the previous mint. There will be a special unboxing experience included with the Genesis Guardian airdrop. Additionally, when the game is released officially, players will be able to control the NFT mech character.

Nyan Heroes Airdrops Genesis Guardian NFT

The Genesis Guardian NFT, the newest component of Nyan Heroes’ remarkable ecosystem, is now available. It is a fantastic opportunity to gain an advantage prior to the game’s release and is only available to Genesis Nyan NFT holders.

A Genesis Nyan NFT is a must for anyone who wants to take part in the airdrop event. However, you can purchase one via OpenSea, Magic Eden, or Solanart before the cutoff time of October 4 at 7 AM if you don’t already have one (UTC).

According to Nyan Heroes CEO and Co-Founder Max Fu, “We’re proud to be at a point of development that allows us to start honoring our commitments to the Nyan Heroes community with the first of two Genesis Guardian NFTs.” When the game opens, “the early supporters who believed in our idea should and will be rewarded when they see our dream come true.”

Genesis Guardian NFT

What Is Nyan Heroes?

A 60-player, third-person battle royale shooter game called Nyan Heroes was created on the Solana blockchain. It was developed by a group of top-tier video game creators, and it is quite thrilling. Huge video game properties including Assassin’s Creed, Marvel’s Avengers, Destiny, and others have been the focus of the work of several members of the group.

Unsurprisingly, the game is generating a lot of excitement in the NFT gaming community. A variety of game options will be available when the game releases, making for a genuinely immersive experience.

Genesis Guardian NFTs, which may be controlled as playable mech characters in games, are the most recent addition to the Nyan Heroes. The Nyan Heroes mythology centers on adorable cats fighting scary robots around the galaxy while donning robotic mechanical outfits (mechs).

The Nyan Heroes team is contributing to the global effort to save cats’ lives in addition to producing a beautiful game. A recognised partner of Nyan Heroes is The Best Friends Animal Society. Utilizing money from the initial gaming activities, they contributed a total of $350,000.

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