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P2E Wordle? Meet Earn Arcade!


There is a new NFT game available for you to play! A new play-to-earn version of Wordle published by Earn Arcade and it is here to try helping people ease into the crypto world, into the crypto community. You are able to win prizes playing this game that includes $MATIC, A native currency of Polygon.

What is Earn Arcade?

What Earn Arcade is is a play-to-earn game made by David Hurley, a developer and web3 builder. He has also made the game Two-Sums which is an equation game and this Earn Arcade is his latest creation.

He has made a version of Wordle and the name of the game is W3rdle. It allows the user to play the game and win cryptocurrency if they find the correct letter words. Right now if you are to play the game you can solve the puzzle and earn a prize reward of 50 $MATIC and that equates to $20.

Earn Arcade is a very fun yet challenging, rewarding game to play and winning prizes gives you amounts of cryptocurrency that is risk-free and you are able to start and explore more types of economy. Also winning $20 of crypto, you are able to see how crypto currency actually works and for those who are curious you can use this to feed your curiosity.

To Create The Future, Web3 Builders Need Support!

W3rdle Earn Arcade game is made with freedom and tools for the builder to act freely resulting in this game today. Shaan Puri Former CEO of Bebo and now Chairman of a crypto newsletter The Milk Road announced a web3 building competition.

He posted on Twitter and explained how the competition works in detail:

latest nft game news milk road p2e wordle

One of the many people being picked by Puri is David Hurley’s game. With this backing he was able to build something simple at the same time fun and unique game that will help the public to have a taste in Cryptocurrency. Earn Arcade already gave out quite an amount of $MATIC even though the actual amount remains unknown. 

When talking more about the project, Shaun said that David’s work on building the play-to-earn version of W3rdle and being able to earn and the faster you win the more the reward and this will help people get on board unto crypto. Shaun also said that he is going to integrate into his Milk Road Daily as a daily game. By integrating the game into milk road daily will bring in a lot more audience to play the game and allow David to work on more projects in Web3.

Play-to-Earn Keeps Growing!

NFTs P2E game is continuing in growth like Axie Infinity is a game that is still a very popular P2E game in the market and startups like Earn Arcade can use the new techs in order to build more games in the best possible way.

When money is a need and yet people are all short of it, they will find new ways to earn a few bucks to live comfortably with earning side incomes. Right now it is still not easy due to market fluctuations and we only hope it gets better as time goes. 

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