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Revolutionisation of Web3 Games with Unreal Engine Github


In 2023, Game7 will launch their Web3 Gaming Space Unreal Engine Github Plugin. This connection is a major step forward in enabling blockchain developers to use Unreal for Web3 games. Game7’s mission is to hasten the creation of free and open-source games, and the plugin is available at no cost to the Blockchain gaming community.

What is the Unreal Engine Github Integration?

In the Web3 sector, players can take advantage of an open-source integration thanks to the Web3.Unreal plugin. Using blockchain features in Unreal Engine was previously difficult, but this plugin makes it much easier. Before the launch of Web3, a study of 100 game designers revealed that this was no accident. Unreal.

To this effect, Head of Product at Game7, JacobC.Eth, said, “We are intentional about listening before we act. When Web3 game devs mentioned the need for seamless integration of wallets into game engines, we developed the solution.”

HyperPlay Involvement

Game7’s upcoming HyperPlay game launcher will support the Web3.Unreal plugin when it is released in early 2023. The plugin streamlines the process for developers to show players their current NFT or token balance. In addition, developers can provide a full Web3 gaming solution that enables users to trade and perform transactions by linking HyperPlay with Web3.Unreal.

About Game7

The Web3 is the DAO of Game7. HyperPlay with the Unreal plugin will be released in 2023. The DAO’s goal is to foster the growth of the Web3 gaming community through various means, including the support of open-source endeavours. It is a component of the BitDAO ecosystem, which promotes decentralised leadership on the Web3. It’s a huge deal for the blockchain gaming industry that Web3.Unreal will help programmers make spectacular blockchain games at massive scale.

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