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$100k Raised by Ukraine from Selling Donated CryptoPunk NFT


Official Crypto fund of Ukraine has just sold its CryptoPunk NFT and this is exciting news! They have sold the NFT on early 20th June and it is sold for a big sum of 90 ETH equating to over $100k at current rate.

The Highly Valued CryptoPunk #5364

As we all know about the invasion of Ukraine and how unfortunate it is, many sought to support Ukraine during its time of trouble, which includes the highly valued CryptoPunk #5364 being donated anonymously to Ukraine’s Crypto Wallet. Yes it is also true that many others have donated Cryptos as well as NFTs as the blockchain community rallied to help Ukraine in their funds. Up until now Ukraine has raised over $135 million in donations. 

Now, the CryptoPunk NFT has been sold by the official Ukraine Crypto Fund to another anonymous buyer that ended up buying the NFT for 90 ETH. Ukraine’s Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation, Alex Bornyakov had talked about the sales of the CryptoPunk on 20th June. The CryptoPunk was valued at a much higher rate but because of the market crash it had dropped to 67.45 ETH but yet the buyer had given more than its floor price and donated by paying 90 ETH for it. 

The Crypto fund is there to help in buying non-lethal essentials for the Ukrainian Military such as Bulletproof vest and medical supplies for the war. The Ukraine government endorses the fund but the government does not have control over the fund. Means that the Ukraine government did not sell the CryptoPunk but the Ukrainian Crypto Exchange Kuna who operates the treasury of the country sold and funded the purchases by volunteers. 


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Of course the news did not place focus much on the war anymore and this is very natural, but yet NFT is still able to find ways to help in the war efforts by donations and this is something very encouraging to all of us. 

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