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10k Planies NFTs Launched by airBaltic for Loyalty Programme


The 10,000 non-fungible tokens (NFT) collection, known as Planies, were released by the Latvian airline airBaltic as part of an announcement about a new technological update to its reward programme airBaltic Club. Even if they only seldom travel, Planies owners will be able to earn airBaltic Club points and enjoy additional privileges.

airBaltic CEO on Why NFTs Make Sense for an Airline

“We have observed a great interest in our initial NFTs, the airBaltic City Collection, and now we are taking the next step,” said Martin Gauss, president and chief executive officer of airBaltic. We provide value for collectors by offering extra advantages like frequent flight miles or specific vouchers. It is the initial step in putting our loyalty programme in place for future crypto tokenization.

AirBaltic is getting ready to introduce token-based economics for its frequent flyer programme as Web 3.0 (also known as Web3) approaches. In addition to our reward programme, additional airline activity directions will also benefit from increased digitalization thanks to the NFT technology, which will save costs and simplify our job. Additionally, the numerous Planies will appear in the airBaltic commercials as well as the on-board entertainment items for children and teenagers, according to Gauss.

Planies NFTs

Digital collectible NFTs called “Planies” have a distinctive cartoon illustration of an aircraft with various features, including a mouth, eyes, wings, and engines. The dedicated Planies website will issue a total of 10,000 unique NFTs. It will be possible to collect or exchange them on the OpenSea market after the initial sales (minting).

Among international airlines, airBaltic is highly renowned for its innovative practises. The business has been the first airline in the world to take Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies since 2014. AirBaltic issued NFTs for the first time worldwide later in 2021. Utilize the OpenSea profile to locate the airBaltic City Collection.

More information will be provided on the @PlaniesNFT Twitter handle of the Planies NFT Club.

AirBaltic Planies NFT Collection

AirBaltic in Brief:

The Baltic region may be reached from more than 70 locations in Europe, the Middle East, and the CIS thanks to airBaltic (Air Baltic Corporation AS). With more than 2000 personnel, airBaltic has become a strong, successful, and well-respected airline over the previous 26 years. The Latvian brand airBaltic, which contributes more than 2.5% of Latvia’s GDP, is by far the most well-known abroad. It has won multiple accolades on a global scale for service innovation and excellence. A joint stock corporation called airBaltic was founded in 1995. The Latvian government owns 97.96% of the company’s equity, with the remaining shareholders holding the remaining 2.04%. For the latest NFT news, read more on our website.

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