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2022 Winter Apparel Collection by VeeFriends


There are a number of initiatives decking the halls in the NFT arena, making it look a lot like the festivities. To give just one example, the Winter ’22 Apparel Collection from Gary Vaynerchuk’s (Or Gary Vee’s) VeeFriends has recently been announced. A total of 24 goods are available, including both returning favourites and five brand new VeeFriends. You may now proudly display your admiration for your favourite VeeFriends characters!

About the Winter Apparel Collection by VeeFriends

There are twenty-four pieces in the VeeFriends Winter ’22 Apparel Collection, all of which feature popular characters from the VeeFriends universe. Sweatpants, long-sleeved shirts, and hoodies made from premium materials are part of the clothing line’s exclusive offer. All of the clothes come in both men’s and women’s sizing, and they come in a variety of colours like black, cream, forest green, and ash grey. The goods can be shipped worldwide by VeeFriends.

The Patient Panda collection is ideal if your most distinguishing trait is patience. People who “connect deeply with being grateful” might therefore benefit from wearing an embroidered hoodie with Grateful Gar. The Authentic Anaconda, the Selfless Sloth, and the Competitive Clown shirts are great alternatives for those who choose to advertise their authenticity, generosity, or competitive spirit on their clothing.

Has The Winter Apparel Collection Been Released?

The release date is December 8 at 9 AM EST. Plus, on the same day at 3 PM EST, GaryVee will go live with the VeeFriends crew to reveal a “first look” at the VeeFriends ’22 Winter Collection. He’ll also talk about where he got the idea for the current season’s style.

Where Can You Get VeeFriends Apparel?

The VeeFriends store currently stocks all Winter ’22 apparel. All customers, with or without a VeeFriends NFT, will be able to purchase items from this collection. However, members of VeeFriends will be able to shop for the items 10 minutes before the general public. In addition, the first 555 purchasers will receive a special Friends & Family VeeFriends t-shirt.

There have been tweets from VeeFriends today, “For today’s release of our Winter ’22 Collection at 9 am EST, we are giving away this exclusive Friends and Family Tee with the first 555 orders,” Say that with me now: “That’s right!” Included in your order, free of charge, if you place it within the first 555 placed today, is one of these special edition t-shirts.

The classic hoodie, long-sleeve t-shirt, sweatpants, and more are all available. All transactions are processed in U.S. dollars by major credit cards or debit cards, and not cryptocurrency. Costs might be anything between $80 and $102. Nonetheless, shipping costs will be different for each place.

VeeFriends NFT

About VeeFriends NFT

GaryVee is a serial entrepreneur, investor, and media mogul. One of his most popular NFT projects is VeeFriends. The collection came out in May 2021 and has 10,255 NFTs with different characters on them. Since its beginning, the project has always given its holders new benefits. Recently, the project worked with the sportswear company Starter to release a limited run of clothing.

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