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3 Day Metaverse Fashion Event Hosted By The Fabricant, WOW & RLTY


The Fabricant, World of Women, and RLTY are joining forces for a special metaverse fashion event that will run for 3 days. From September 20–22, you may take part in a sizable, immersive digital fashion event that will feature some of the largest names in the sector. The gathering will take place in RLTY’s specially designed fashion headquarters in the Decentraland metaverse. The RLTY website currently accepts reservations for tickets.

The Metaverse Event Unites Web3 Fashion Brands

The Fabricant and World of Women are two of the top Web3 fashion companies in the world, and RLTY, the metaverse event firm, collaborates closely with both of them (WoW). The three have consequently produced a terrific online event for Web3 and fashion fans.

The prominent digital fashion studio The Fabricant is situated in Amsterdam. They are a major player in the digital fashion market and have previously collaborated with companies like Under Armor, Puma, and Adidas.

World of Women is more than just an NFT project, as well. In the modern digital era, it is a chance to highlight inclusivity and equal chances. The NFTs in World of Warcraft are fashionistas, and certain PFPs wouldn’t look out of place in a runway show. WoW is the ideal NFT for this event because it has a lively and creative community.

Itinerary for 3-Day Metaverse Fashion Event

The three-day event will present the top Web3 fashion in a compelling and immersive setting. The event is held in The Fashion headquarters, “Synth Ave,” which was inspired by Fifth Avenue, the well-known New York fashion boulevard.

The RLTY crew has undertaken a significant project, and Synth Ave will be decked with World of Women NFTs along its walls in addition to others.

Additionally, this metaverse fashion show is a fantastic chance to learn more about the world of digital fashion. Here, you can browse some amazing fashion things and connect with others who share your interests.

Additionally, the event will include discussion panels, pop-up businesses, music, and entertainment. Importantly, The Fabricant, World of Women, and other leading figures in the sector will participate in instructional panels on digital fashion. Additionally, there is a cutting-edge VIP section!

The Fabricant x WoW NFT Fashion

The Fabricant x WoW Original Looks NFTs

The Fabricant and World of Women have developed 27 Decentraland unique looks NFTs to kick off the event. The three-day fashion metaverse event will include these NFTs as revolving 3D visuals.

Using Decentraland’s native token MANA, attendees can purchase the various Decentraland original outfits there and then.

A larger 1000 NFT collaboration includes the 27 fashion looks. On OpenSea, you can actually buy one right now. Additionally, 1000 The Fabricant x World of Warcraft cryptocurrency handbags and a limited-edition supernova purse will be sold.

The purpose of this partnership is to introduce women to the vast potential of digital fashion while showcasing the potential of fashion in the metaverse.

Finally, RLTY is the place where you can purchase your ticket for the fashion metaverse event right now. For more NFT fashion news, follow NFTeller.

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