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585K New Sign Ups on Sorare During World Cup 2022


By the end of the World Cup, the popular web-based fantasy sports service Sorare had received 585K new users. This is unprecedented growth for a web3-based sports-betting business. Upon the 10th of November, when they released their World Cup game that you can play for free, a rush of new members joined. The details of this groundbreaking announcement are below.

Sorare Makes Web3 History During World Cup

Web-based Fantasy Sports Platform For sports lovers everywhere, Sorare is an indispensable tool. In the first week of this month, the most popular sports game released a new instalment in its football world cup series, and players of all experience levels quickly jumped on board. Sorare’s three games (NFL, MLB, and NBA) have combined to attract 585K new users. In addition, there are an estimated 608,000+ people playing the World Cup games. There are over 37,000 private leagues, with over 27,000 players participating in Fiago’s largest league.

Also, Messi, Mbappe, and De Bruyne are the top three players who are drafted the most:

  • Messi (in 5.47% of teams)
  • Mbappé (in 4.15% of teams)
  • De Bruyne (in 2.93% of teams)

The platform’s championship game, Sorare: Global Cup ’22, is currently free to play. More than half of the participating national teams have committed to long-term agreements with Sorare beyond the scope of the competition. More and more groups will work together, which will be exciting for fans and participants.

About Sorare

A community driven platform for sports lovers – Sorare is an innovative NFT fantasy sports platform unlike any other, where users may draught their own fantasy teams and compete against others. Players, teams, and members can all have digital collectibles that can be traded and sold on the Paris-based site. Follow our NFT Calendar for the latest NFT drops.

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