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Adidas Uses New Web3 Strategy For ‘Unbox The Impossible’


The global brand Adidas Originals has informed Into the Metaverse NFT holders of the project’s future plans. For further information, see Adidas BAYC, Indigo Hertz’s Twitter announcement. The next stage of Adidas’ Web3 journey will start on November 16, 2022. In the following days, owners of the Adidas Originals capsule collection will be able to “UNBOX THE IMPOSSIBLE.”

About Adidas’ Upcoming Unboxing

By releasing its Capsule Collection NFT, Adidas is establishing a mark in Web3 in a cryptic yet unforgettable way. In addition, the contents of the package are yet unknown, though Indigo Hertz has provided some information. What follows? A new appearance, a new approach, and a visualization of the future are on the way. The world will be able to witness where we are going thanks to CONFIRMED, adidas Originals, and our partners over the next few days. The future is seriously entertaining, tweeted Hertz.

The definition of Phase 2 is now part of the evolving metadata of the Capsule Collection NFT. The impossibility will be revealed on November 16 so that holders can see what has been going on in the lab. Adidas unquestionably sets the bar for other international companies entering Web3 with its blend of physical and digital products.

About the NFT Collection Into the Metaverse

Additionally, the legendary Bored Ape Yacht Club, Punks Comic, and NFT disruptor gmoney are escorting holders on a digital adventure. The “unique collaborative physical items and continuous digital usefulness” will be given to ITM holders. To put it another way, at a cost of.02 eth per, this collection of 30,000 NFTs was exhausted in December 2021. In essence, this caused Adidas to earn $22 million USD in a single afternoon. Holders have high expectations as a result, and following this most recent statement, those expectations are at an all-time high.

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