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Alethea AI Brings NFT Collections To Life


Alethea AI is a decentralised system that was made to create an intelligent Metaverse. They have launched the new product called Fusion which will bring NFT projects to life through the use of AI. The company is aiming to increase sales, engagement, and user-generated content through new uses of this.

Alethea AI’s Plan

Oftentimes NFTs are being criticised that it only comes in Jpeg format and according to these  critics, there are no uses outside of being only a static image for them. Although this may not be necessarily true because a lot of the projects have a build up to it enabling for NFT projects to continue with huge roadmaps and the works for bigger things up ahead, Alethea wants to change this to let NFT projects to a step further by using this intelligence by transforming regular NFTs into iNFTs. This is also known as “fusing” these NFTs with a ‘personality pod’. Users can create custom content to interact with the iNFT similarly to an avatar.

NFT Communities Supported By Alethea AI

Originally, there are 3 NFT projects – Fame Lady Squad, Doge Pound and Pudgy Penguins, that Alethea AI partnered with for the new fusion project. They also look for further communities to bring on in the future.

Since partnering with Alethea AI, each of the projects has seen increases. This was discovered by comparing average prive, the volume traded and also the number of sales. Fame Lady Squad has gotten an increase of 1.38x, Doge Pound a 1.35x and also Pudgy Penguins, 2.17x.

More than that, the projects partnered with Alethea AI has also witnessed an increase in community engagement, or also known as the “Alethea Bump”. Discord and other social media platforms have all exhibited increased engagements for each NFT project.

Holders of these NFTs are able to customise an AI personality for their iNFT, create videos, as well as generate AI art based on prompts that the holders’ input. We can expect to complete jobs in the Metaverse such as copywriting or music creation using our own iNFTs.

Arif Khan, the company’s founder and CEO said that Alethea was created to bring about more uses in the NFT space. Khan believes in the future potential that iNFTs hold, capable of roaming various metaverse while allowing content generation and engagement among Web3 audience. He further added, “We have been proud to partner with Fame Lady Squad, The Doge Pound NFT and Pudgy Penguins for the launch of Fusion.”

Khan mentioned that they are looking forward to reach more holders around the world with their innovative technology, putting it in the hands of many creators as possible.

Alethea NFTs Project

What is Alethea AI?

Developers can use the AI protocol to create, train and earn from their iNFTs in the world’s first intelligent Metaverse, Noah’s Ark. Find out more about it on their Twitter or join their Discord community.

The company has been backed by large investors such as Binance, Capital, and more, thus growing their team to over 100 employees. Their founder, Arif Khan, is often invited to speak at big events World Economic Forum, and World Web Forum. Not only that, you may find his work featured on majoy websites such as Bloomberg, Fast Company and also The New York Times. For more NFT news, follow NFTeller community.

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