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Argos Are Now On Metaverse Billboard Advertisements


Popular catalog retailer Argos recently partnered with Ocean Outdoor to produce the first “cross-platform Web3 metaverse” package in history. The collaboration also includes LandVault, which assisted Ocean Outdoor in providing the outdoor metaverse experience.

According to reports, UK store Argos is making a significant move in the metaverse to become customers’ first choice for digital products. Let’s examine the specifics of the Argos campaign and discover the motivation behind their use of the Metaverse for advertising.

Argos Advertisement Seen On Metaverse Billboard

A “Web 3 metaverse Digital-out-of-Home package” was just released thanks to a partnership between Argos, Ocean Outdoor, and Landvault. 

The package was introduced with a dual-world marketing campaign that highlighted Argos’ name and merchandise. The dual-world campaign has also already been seen in the Metaverse and in real-world places.

The actual locations include the tri-screen at Ocean’s Holland Park Roundabout in London as well as off-road spots in Birmingham and Manchester. A NFT version of the same ad is also present at the metaverse site, which is part of the Somnium Space VR Metaverse. Runs through October 23.

Argos Ad Metaverse

Why Did Argos Choose to Advertise in the Metaverse?

The advertising manager for Argos, Becky Desert, stated that they want to increase interest in and knowledge of items that people don’t typically associate with Argos. Of course, she mentions how adopting a fresh approach is “Part of altering buyers’ minds.” Argon enthusiastically leaped at the chance to be in the metaverse advertisement as well, mainly because it focuses on technology.

Catherin Morgan, Director of Ocean Labs, also talked about how marketers would have an advantage in reaching young, tech-savvy consumers thanks to Ocean’s Metaverse.

Ocean Media published the Ocean metaverse collection in collaboration with LandVault. It is a collection of 45 digital billboards that were placed in the Loop, Decentraland, Somnium Space, and Ocean’s three NFT sites.

In particular, the screens are situated in high-traffic areas including a conference centre, a GenesisVR Disco Club, and the busiest gaming area. The busiest gaming section, Decentral Games, makes up more than 60% of the traffic in the gaming area. To check out the latest NFT collection, follow our NFT calendar.

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