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Arianee Partners With NFT Attendance Badge Protocol


Partnering with POAP, the authorities on the NFT attendance badge protocol, is Arianne, a well-known web3 solutions platform. With the help of this new relationship, several new functionalities will be available, and companies will be able to directly mint the badges on Arianee platform. Together, the two web3 firms hope to increase web3’s widespread acceptance and increase the availability of proof of attendance tokens.

Increased Accessibility with Arianee and POAP Partnership

Both businesses will gain a lot from the new alliance. For several major international companies, like YSL Beauté, Moncler, IWC, and Breitling, Arianee is a web3 solutions platform. They intend to educate these businesses on the potential of POAP NFTs. POAP will gain from the customers of Arianee and their solution specialists. With more than 812,632 NFTs already minted on the platform, the Arianee NFT market is already doing well.

As more companies enter the web3 market, they aim to connect with consumers in both the digital and physical worlds. One of the fastest-growing businesses in the world is NFTs, which includes digital memorabilia. The two companies hope to accelerate broad adoption.

An improved POAP visualization interface will be made available to users via Arianee and POAP, which “enhances interoperability and UX.”

Arianee NFT Management PlatformMint NFTs Directly on Arianee

Following the cooperation, there are immediate modifications that will give customers a simple way to buy POAP NFTs. First off, through the Arianee NFT management platform, brands may now directly mint POAP badges.

Additionally, users may now view their POAP badges in the same Polygon gallery as other NFTs. Users are able to accomplish this without switching networks thanks to the Arianee Protocol.

More businesses will learn about the potential of NFTs, especially POAP badges, thanks to the partnership. Follow NFTeller for the latest NFT news.

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