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August NFT Mints: Tiffany’s Cryptopunk & Others


August is finally here! There’s no better start to the month of August than finding out the latest upcoming NFT mints in the first week of August. You can stop your search here, as we have listed out some of the few exciting and innovative NFT projects that are now minting. Here are some things that you need to know about the NFT drops that are coming this week.

Upcoming NFT Mints

The JRney NFT

Blockchain Cardano | Mint date: 3 August | Price : 100 ADA | Supply: 6543

In partnership with Altai Brazilian clothing brand, The JRney NFT Collection features many colourful pieces. It has a total of 6543 flamingos created uniquely through algorithm, and the project’s roadmap is bright. In the future, The JRney will be providing contest events and also Royalties Distribution and airdrops. 

What’s more, JRney NFT holders will play a part in the project’s journey and assist in deciding factors like the directions and more. The JRney NFT community is growing fast with currently 6k active members on Discord. The JRney NFT mint on August 3rd is split into three parts. First would be HTP mint: 4pm UTC – WL/OG mint: 6pm UTC – Public mint: 10pm UTC.

JRney upcoming NFT mints NFTellerPhellas NFT

Blockchain Solana | Mint date: August 4th | Price: 1 SOL | Supply: 10,000

The next exciting NFT mints coming up this week is Phellas. Phellas are self-described ‘extraordinary beings’ showing everyone fun times and spreading joy. A distinct set of 10,000 characters generated at random with over 150 different traits, they are truly exceptional.

As they are on Solana, naturally they come with various benefits and utilities. The roadmap includes plans for staking, game releases and also airdrops and more. Phellas NFT holders can get access to the exclusive club called the Phellas Palace.

Tiffany & Co. / CryptoPunks – NFTiff

Blockchain Ethereum | Mint date: 5th-12th August | Price: 30 ETH | Supply: 250

Perhaps one of the most exciting ones is the Tiffany & Co. debut NFT Collection. It is exclusive for CryptoPunk Holders and is a remarkable limited edition jewelry collection.

The NFT serves as a digital pass where holders can claim a stunning piece of jewellery customised to resemble their own CryptoPunk NFT. Minting for 30 ETH, not everyone is able to afford such a hefty price tag. But with that being said, the pendant is made of 18k rose or yellow gold, with at least 30 stones and also gemstones and diamonds as well. 

The official sale starts at 10:00 am EST on 5th August on NFTiff website. Once minted, collectors have until 9:00 pm EST, 12th August to redeem their NFTiff digital pass for a piece of stunning jewellery that is uniquely theirs.

NFTiff Upcoming NFT Mints NFtellerUpcoming NFT Mints This Week For Free!

Lifes a Joke NFT

Blockchain Ethereum | NFT Date: 5th August | Price: Free | Supply: 555

NFTs can be so expensive, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any free ones! Here are some upcoming NFT mints this week that are free. As a new NFT project, Lifes a Joke is already making some great achievements within the NFT Space. Showcasing clowns with different traits, “This project is all about you & your NFT Journey” is written on their Twitter bio. The hype for this project is available on August 5th.

Harakai NFT

Blockchain Ethereum | Mint Date: 7th August | Price: Free | Supply: 777

Harakai is an excellent collection of 777 stylish NFT apprentices from Harajuku Tokyo. This is a project that is upcoming this week. It has already promised that there will not be any roadmap, just vibes and Jarakai also plans on donating 50% of Royalties to charity.

What’s significant is that they wiant the community of NFT to decide where the donation should go. The artwork is very vibrant, pixel format and very much original. The Harakai NFT public mint starts 8th – 11 pm on CET August 7th and runs until 11pm.

Harakai Upcoming NFT Mints NFTellerNext Week’s Upcoming NFT Mints

Eighties Society NFT

Blockchain Solana | Mint Date: 9th August | Price: 2 SOL | Supply: 1980

Next week on upcoming NFT mints – Eighties Society. These NFTs are a great throwback to the 80’s anime and the profile images are truly stunning. Moreover, the wider Eighties Society NFT projects have plans for a casino with crypto, Web3 secrets, and of course, merchandise. Not only is their roadmap promising, their artstyle is definitely eye catching. It will be available on 9th August for 2 SOL and the NFT could be one to watch out for! For more upcoming NFT mints, follow NFTeller Calendar.

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