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Badam Bomb Squad Release Cancelled Over Royalty Issues


This month, creator royalties have been a hot topic, and the controversy is still going strong. The Hundreds and Adam Bomb Squad co-founder Bobbyhundreds has declared that they will not be releasing their new collection. The Badam Bomb Squad NFT collection was supposed to be released on Thursday, October 10, through Opensea Marketplace, however plans were altered because of problems with creator royalties.

What Happens To Badam Bomb Squad Collection

Numerous artists and founders are dissatisfied with the ongoing creator royalty dispute, which has been going on for a while. Recently, marketplaces like Opensea tried to solve the dispute, but all they had to offer was “optional creator royalties.” Additionally, Opensea’s most recent announcement was devoid of specifics. Sadly, the question of whether or not royalties will be kept for current collections was unaddressed, which is unfortunate. For many entrepreneurs and creators, including the Adam Bomb Squad team, this left a terrible taste in their mouths.

Before this, the team met with Opensea many times. They awaited their decision to support the creators. Sadly, the team’s clarification on Twitter made it clear that Opensea’s announcement resolving the issue wasn’t made in time. Fans of the Hundreds shouldn’t be upset, though. The crew added that Badam Bomb Squad would be made available in the upcoming weeks on their own website.

Adam Bomb Squad NFT Collection

Explain BBS

The renowned streetwear company, The Hundreds, produced Badam Bomb Squad as their second NFT collection. It contains 5000 NFTs, each of which costs.23 etherium at the mint. In addition, well-known collections in the field including CryptoPunks, BAYC, Deadfellaz, BRAiNVOMiT, Smilesss, DegenToonz, Amber Vittoria, VeeFriends, Vandalz, Crypto Packaged Goods, and Cool Cats have contributed on the project.

Keep an eye out for the Badam Bomb Squad NFT collection’s official release date!

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