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Bear Market Battle Season 2 Hosted By Gmoney


The second season of Internet Game has begun, and well-known web3 thought leader and NFT founder, gmoney, will serve as the host. Bear Market Battle is the official name of Season 2, which promises to be the best season yet. As a result, the most recent version of this frantic Web3 blockchain game may be expected to include high-quality gameplay.

Gmoney to Host Bear Mark Battle Season 2

On September 19th, Bear Market Battle will debut, with six all-new games. This enormous event, which will run until September 30th, will feature vintage game show formats from the 1950s and 1960s, which are regarded as the “golden period of game shows.”

The Internet Game series is unique to Web3, engaging, quick, and fun. The Internet Game Discord community votes on the NFT awards, and players pay to participate in the game, making it a genuinely engaging experience.

In the upcoming season of the web3 game, gmoney will collaborate with actress Leah Lamarr. They will all serve as the players’ guides for each round. Additionally, gmoney will serve as the sole host of the final head-to-head match.

What Do You Get From Bear Market Battle

The prizes up for grabs in the Bear Market Battle are quite amazing. One of these is a Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT, which is extremely valuable. A BAYC NFT currently has a floor price of 73 ETH! NFT #4317, which is up for grabs, sports pink fur, a short mohawk, and 3D spectacles.

A pass to the gmoney Admit One community is one of the wonderful additional prizes in the Internet Game: Season 2. The first 9dcc drop ITERATION-01 premium “Networked Product” t-shirt is also available to winners. For more NFT news, follow our NFT calendar.

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