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Beeple NFTs Will Not Be on Solana


Stephen Hayes, CEO of Metaplex, the company responsible for developing the Solana NFT standard, has issued an apology for a misunderstanding that occurred on Twitter. With a single tweet, Metaplex announced the addition of Beeple NFTs on the Solana blockchain. The tweet has been rectified to reflect the reality that “nothing was set or remotely agreed upon” by either party. More information on the conversation can be found below.

Wen Beeple NFTs On Solana?

During this year’s Solana’s Breakpoint event, Metaplex CEO Stephen Hayes “accidentally” disclosed that they would be launching Beeple on the Solana blockchain in collaboration with the Render Network. This was shot down by Beeple, who said that they and Solana had never made any sort of deal regarding a Beeple collection.

In a later tweet, Stephen expressed regret to Beeple. In a tweet, he wrote, “I’m here to offer my deepest apologies. There was a misunderstanding between the groups, but I used those same terms in my keynote address, so I should have confirmed that agreement was announced to you personally. Hayes has also expressed regret to his audience for adding to the uncertainty.

The Render Network creator Jules Urbach made a similar statement on Twitter about the same time. He pleaded with the public to be patient while they worked with Beeple to create the “first peek at something wonderful.” Since then, neither party has made any more declarations or comments.

About Render Network

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