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Beware of Dishonest NFT Traders


A BAYC whale named Franklin used Twitter to draw attention to a situation in which an NFT trader wasn’t returning his money. He talked at length about the cash he gave to Zillybrain to settle his BAYC loan.

About The Franklin’s Twitter Thread

Everything began when Franklin provided funds to settle Zillybrain’s maturing BAYC loan. Zillybrain abandoned him rather than repaying him. Remember that Franklin has already handed him money without experiencing any problems. Additionally, he assisted Zillybrain in getting back a BAYC that was misplaced in a free mint fraud. The whale lost all faith after three sincere acts.

There is still a problem. Franklin may have transferred the funds to a hacked wallet, according to Zillybrain. He instructed Zillybrain not to put it in the wallet, but he did so and promptly repaid the debt. Zillybrain sent the monkey back to the original wallet where Franklin had sent the money despite the danger this posed to it.

Zillybrain was supposed to create a new loan and send him the money, as the two sides had agreed, but things didn’t work out that way. Instead, in search of longer, more valuable loans, the trader listed the ape on NFTFi.

From fat-fingering a BAYC last week (again) to this most recent problem, Franklin has had a difficult month.

How Did the Situation Pan Out?

Franklin was addressed by Zillybrain, who cited his tweet. We can mend things again because we’ve already done it, he remarked. Finding a solution doesn’t require everything to be on display for the public. The whale also claimed that Zillybrain had acknowledged not repaying him since he desired to be able to keep some additional ETH after paying Franklin and the whale’s loan. Zillybrain finally reimbursed him after a few hours of waiting for a response. Follow us for the latest NFT news.

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