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Big Time MMORPG Offers SPACE NFT Holders Access To Alpha


Big Time, a Web3 Fantasy MMORPG, now offers SPACE NFT holders access to its alpha. New SPACE holders are welcome to participate in the excitement every Thursday by collecting NFTs and trying out beta versions of the game! Continue reading to find out how you can participate early in this lovely initiative.

How To Get The SPACE NFT By Big Time?

Big Time is presently a pay-to-access game, although gamers can avoid the pricey $225 Game Pass by purchasing the more affordable $60 SPACE pass. You can access the Alpha version of the game and NFT collection with real utility by getting the SPACE pass. Starting on October 13th, Big Time will host ongoing events where SPACE pass holders can play the game firsthand.

For Big Time gamers, SPACE merges land and housing constructions in-game. Collectors have the option to manufacture goods in their SPACE with further upgrades, perks, and add-ons. Currently, there are three sizes available for each space: small, medium, and giant. The SPACES divide rarity into five categories, with “rare” being the lowest level and “exalted” as the highest. Fans may also club a number of spots together to create a larger crafting area.

Every Thursday beginning at 8 PM EDT, you can use your SPACE pass to access the game’s alpha build and begin playing. Collectors can also earn in-game NFTs as early Alpha players to trade or sell outside the game!

More About Big Time

Big Time Studios has created a fantasy MMORPG called Big Time. The game offers players a variety of objectives and challenges, such as monster hunting, solving enigmatic puzzles from the past, and other fantastic group endeavours. Players will discover or create NFTs through game exploration that they can then use, trade, or sell on online markets. The in-game virtual terrain known as SPACE is used by players to construct objects.

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