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Bill Murray Biographical NFT Collection Sold Out On Coinbase


Iconic American actor and comedian Bill Murray just debut his biographical NFT collection on Coinbase NFT back on 15th July for 1.5 ETH a piece and now they are all already sold out. The number of 81 NFTs launched and sold out of the 1000 NFT collections will be dropped soon. This is what you need to know about this NFT Collection. 

The Bill Murray Collection

Bill Murray’s NFT collection is called Bill Murray 1000 and it is a distinctive biographical NFT project and it tells of the story of the iconic actor, comedian as well as writer. Bill collaborated with Chive and Project Venkman to bring the collection to life. 

The collection features 100 story NFTs which includes anecdotes, observations, memories, “Murray-isms” and more. The stories do cover a wide range of topics like how Hunter S. Thompson saved Bill’s life and the day he met John F. Kennedy. 

Both Bill together with his son, Jackson, personally reviewed and also approved every single story in the NFT Collection. 

They also worked with author John Resig to add context to the stories that we all know and love. They also contribute dozens of stories few have ever heard. Each of the 100 stories feature a unique design inspired by the story. Each of the stories is originally a design combination in nine additional colorways.

What we know as of right now is there are a total of 1000 NFTs in the collections and now 81 are already launched and as well sold. 

bill murray nft sold out nfteller

What Does The NFT Offer?

There will be something special that is offered by the Bill Murray NFT and that is to the collectors. The NFT art features a photo-realistic acrylic canvas portrait of Bill Murray by David Grizzle, the artist. 

What’s more is the team will put the physical artwork up for auction as well as the digital NFT #000 next month. All proceedings from the auction will be donated to charity. Proceeds will also be a part of the collection community incentives pool and will help support charity of Bill’s choice. 

In addition to that, NFT holders will have access to events with Bill in person, silver engraved rare coins, exclusive merchandise as well as membership in the Shack. Also they will be able to have a discord with the 71 year old actor as one of the perks as well. 

How Can You Get The NFT?

As what was said before, the first 81 of the NFT are launched and out. Coinbase will soon drop the others as well as one this week. Stay tuned and keep an eye on Coinbase to know the exact date that others will be dropping. Make sure to grab the NFT before it is too late! For the latest NFT news worldwide, read more on NFTeller.

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