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Black Platinum Gold Launched First-ever Luxury Travel NFT!


The world of travelling is going to change! There is something new in the world of travel and that is being able to use NFT when it comes to travelling and how you may ask? Black Platinum Gold is a platform that begins auctioning and selling the travels to the people when they win the auction. Now Black Platinum Gold is auctioning for its ‘Unlocking Uniqueness NFT. The winner will be able to redeem a trip to Italy’s Lake Como for the new year’s eve.

What Is It All About? Black Platinum Gold Luxury Travel NFT

This new NFT auction that they have going on now is now currency running on OpenSea and the minimum to bid for this travel is 40 ETH or equating to $42,250 and it will only close on 5th September 2022 and all this auction is for the Black Platinum Gold debut NFT

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The winner of the auction will receive 10,000 BPG loyalty points along with the NFT. What is the NFT you may ask? The NFT is a video trailer previewing the luxurious Villa Breakwater on Lake Como which is also the place where the winner will go to after they have won the auction for the trip. The winner of the NFT will also be able to bring along 15 guests to the huge 1900 square metre villa.

When the bidder gets the NFT, the holder of the NFT will get a lot of surprises such as a private chef for your meals, expert mixologist, photographer for the bidder and a live musical performance on the New Year’s Eve in 2022.

Black Platinum Gold is making a very grand entry into the travel NFT world with its first launch of their NFT. It is true and we cannot deny the facts and that the travel industry is a very robust sector and its global estimated revenue stands at $ 7.6 Trillion per year and now they are experimenting into the NFTs. But yet this launch from BPG is the most exciting travel NFTs to date!

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