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Black Women in IT NFT Collection Supporting Young Girls


An NFT collection honoring the achievements of black women in IT will be made available by Global Tech Advocates Black Women in Tech (GTA BWIT). With accomplished black women in charge, this NFT collection is a representation of the future of technology that they see.

About the Black Women in Tech NFT collection

A group called Global Tech Advocates Black Women in Tech (GTA BWIT) is the one that’s introducing this inspiring NFT line. Consequently, it is fundamentally a creative interpretation of the group’s predictions about the direction of technology.

Flavilla Fongang, the creator of GTA BWIT, is the project’s artist. Importantly, the artwork has a message because Flavilla was motivated by the difficulties she encountered in her profession. There are a total of 10 designs. It’s crucial to remember that each of them has a unique name, origin story, and goal.

Flavilla Fongang remarked, “The artwork portrays our black ladies in diverse roles and personalities. From their best moment of “girl bossing,” to leading an exciting, adventurous life in engineering, or becoming the businesswoman she was supposed to be.

We established this artistic group in order to support 10 people in achieving their goals, the speaker added. The goal of BWIT is to show young girls that a job and future in technology are both possible and supportive of their growth and development.

Tomorrow, in conjunction with an event put on by GTA BWIT, the collection will be exclusively launched on Deliciae. In addition, the festival will mark the publication of the novel “The Voices in the Shadow.” By examining the experiences of 51 black women in tech, the book expands on the concept of the NFT collection.

Black Women In Tech NFT Collection

What is BWIT?

An international non-profit organization called Global Tech Advocates Black Women in Tech develops tech possibilities. It primarily gives black talent the opportunity to succeed and gives employers access to this talent. GTA BWIT is primarily a network of sympathizers and advocates for black people in technology who support inclusion and diversity.

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