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The Blockchain Bandicoot NFT Collection is a new digital comic book that will soon be available on the Ethereum blockchain. An actual anime is planned for release in 2024 based on this collection, but the first comic is available right now! What you need to know is as follows.

What is Blockchain Bandicoot NFT Project?

There are almost 5,000 individual items in the Blockchain Bandicoot NFT project. Beyond that, there are plans to publish a comic, a motion comic, and an actual anime series. They anticipate releasing this by 2024. Nonetheless, there’s no reason to hold off till then. You can read the first issue of the comic right now over at its own website.

How to Get Blockchain Bandicoot NFT?

Blockchain Bandicoot’s NFTs will be distributed on the 26th of December. Sign up for the pre-sale if you want to save money. The presale price of a mint is 0.1 ether. Each NFT will thereafter be valued at 0.2 ETH during the public mint. Following the comic book NFT project’s social media accounts is the only method to be added to the invite-only mailing list.

What Perks Do I Get For Minting?

At the outset, all holders will be given:

  • A Physical comic book – completely free!
  • Blockchain Bandicoot Items
  • A Korrupted Bandicoot NFT – completely free!
  • The chance to win amazing prizes

The NFTs also provide an opportunity to succeed in a challenging monthly competition. Each Bandicoot NFT contains a “element symbol” in the upper left corner. Get the correct combination of element NFTs, and you may walk away with $10,000 in ETH. This amazing monthly tournament will continue for a full three years. Therefore, there are many openings for the next victor.

If you play, you might win one of a million dollars in prizes from Blockchain Bandicoot. All you have to do to acquire a piece of that pie is buy an NFT, participate in the monthly element challenges, collect your things as prizes, and stay on top of your real world gifts.

Blockchain Bandicoot NFT Items

What are Blockchain Bandicoot Items?

All items in Blockchain Bandicoot are NFTs, to put it simply. Eventually, a total of 5,000 NFTs and their supporting data will be released via the Polygon system. These keys grant access to previously inaccessible features and potential rewards. When the collection is exhausted, NFT minters will acquire these things via airdrops in phase 3 of its plan.

Different items have different prizes, such as cash (in ETH), retro gaming gift boxes, special clothing, and ideal merch. But here are a few of the best things you can buy:

Devon’s Code: These 25 objects are worth $1,000 to their owners (in ETH). Not only can holders redeem at this price once each year for three full years, but they can do so without penalty.

Kari’s Laptop: Those who purchase one of these will receive $500 annually. They will have the opportunity to cash in on this annually for three years, as was also mentioned.

Kobe’s Keepsakes: Those who collect all 25 things will receive a special edition retro video game gift set. In addition, the box might have some Blockchain Bandicoot accessories and outfits.

Poster Posse: Collect all 800 posters to receive a free Limited Edition Blockchain Bandicoot poster from the Poster Posse!

For a full list of items, check out their YouTube channel to stay updated.

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