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BRICK: The Ledger NFT Collab Giving Voting Rights Over A Music Venue


BRICK is a crypto-music project that works to further connect the worlds of music and cryptocurrencies. BRICK, a music venue by night and a community-run creative space by day, was formed by musicians Lee Spielman and Garrett Stevenson. It also claims to serve as a metaverse music venue.

Brick: What is Currently Known

Lee Spielman and Garrett Stevenson, who spent more than ten years touring with the hardcore punk band Trash Talk, are the creators of BRICK. They conceived the idea for this new endeavor jointly, taking inspiration from the DIY punk scene.

“A music venue by night and a community-run creative space by day,” according to its description It will act as a center for the arts. In addition to hosting live performances, workshops, and comedy shows, it also plans to host financial literacy classes. This is so that BRICK and Ledger can work together to teach artists about cryptocurrency and crypto security.

The project will purchase land in the metaverse in addition to a traditional office building for its headquarters. Along with crypto lessons, it will host virtual concerts here. Overall, it is safe to claim that BRICK has a musically ideal tone.

Brick Genesis Pass Ledger Market

About the BRICK Genesis Pass

On September 7th, the BRICK Genesis Pass pre-sale began, and it is now accessible to Ledger’s [L] Market Pass holders. Anyone interested in waiting in line to purchase a Genesis Pass for 0.15 ETH can sign up for the allowlist, regardless of whether they currently have a Ledger [L] Market Pass or not.

According to the official website, 50% of the mint money will be used to rent the venue, pay for programming, employees, and other activities that the holder has approved. Additionally, BRICK will maintain a snapshot one week following the revelation so that holders can actually claim a brick in the IRL venue’s wall.

Additionally, Genesis Pass members will have a say in how BRICK manages the stadium. They will receive free products, access to workshops, and free admission to all events with a guest. They will also have access to events that are streamed live, in the metaverse, and token-gated masterclasses.

Web3 and Music Industry

The most recent music industry-meets-web3 endeavor, BRICK, aims to transform the established music industry. Undoubtedly, the recent VMAs performance by Snoop Dogg and Eminem, which featured web3 support, brought music’s connection to web3 to its highest level of public awareness. It is safe to assume that the potential of web3 and music is still in its infancy. For more crypto or NFT news, follow our NFT calendar.

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